Our OOTD pegs? K-Pop idols born in the Year of the Ox

Even basic ’fits will make you feel like a K-fashion icon all year round

Updating your wardrobe now that it’s officially the Year of the Ox? The Korean fashion industry never runs out of trendy ’fit ideas that you can recreate all year round. You can begin by taking style cues from your favorite K-Drama stars, following our guide to dressing up like a K-Pop idol or better yet, looking for inspiration from the stunning OOTDs of your fave singers born during the Year of the Ox. 

Aside from being reliable, strong and kind, people born under this Chinese zodiac sign are known for their keen attention to detail. And in our opinion, this makes them reliable style peg sources for well-put-together outfits on days when we’re in dire need of some fashion help. 

The last Years of the Ox were in 2009 and 1997, and since the ’09-liners are still too young to debut as K-Pop idols, looks from the ’97-liners are what we’ll be filling our wardrobes with. And ICYMI, a lot of the ’97-liners are actually some of the biggest and most sought-after K-Pop stars right now. Here are some wardrobe must-have ideas we’re copping from them for the rest of  the year.

Bright-colored outerwear

Every Army knows how BTS’ Jungkook’s “Euphoria” outfit looks like, and we’re pretty sure they’ve got all the pieces needed for this simple get-up in their own closets too. Just like the singer, you can spruce up a basic combination of plain white shirt and jeans by throwing in bright-colored outerwear that can serve as the center of attention in your outfit—in Jungkook’s case, a yellow jacket that radiates sunny and positive vibes does the job well.

“It girl” coords

The ladies of Blackpink are well-known for their effortlessly sophisticated style. In fact, we can just imagine the group’s ’97-liners Rosé and Lisa going on a head-to-head “city chic” fashion battle with Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen with preppy outfits like these cropped jacket and skirt coords in muted colors matched with thin headbands to complete the “it girl” look.

Signature accessory

The easiest way to make a fashion statement with even the most basic get-up is by wearing accessories that complement your personality. Take some cues from Got7’s youngest members: You can proudly flaunt your elegance with bold and eye-catching jewelry pieces like BamBam or stay stylishly chill with berets and caps like Yugyeom.

Pastel prints

Be it fashion, makeup, hairstyle or even school and office supplies, the pastel trend will be here to stay. But instead of plain tees and skirts, incorporate these dainty muted colors into your wardrobe by dressing up like Twice’s summer queens born in ’97. Style basic bottoms with tops in floral prints like Mina, or a patchwork pattern like Jihyo, to match your vibrant charm and youthful glow.

Casual white top

How do you know if a person’s good at fashion? Simple: if they can make plain white tops look stylish. Seventeen’s ’97-liners show you how to wear this wardrobe essential in three different ways: plain long sleeves matched with black dress pants for Mingyu, oversized white tee with a denim jacket and matching blue sneakers for The8, and a plain white tee smartly tucked in straight-cut blue jeans and layered with a knitted cardigan. Each ’fit radiates a different vibe, but stays within the same theme: laid-back but stylish.

Biker jacket

Trust us, biker jackets will help your outfit pack a punch. You can go for a flamboyant look with a multi-colored jacket paired with a graphic shirt like NCT’s Jaehyun, or give off homme fatale vibes with leather ones that complete an all-black outfit like Astro’s Cha Eunwoo.

Header photo by C Technical from Pexels

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