In this day and age, dating apps become your radar in the hopes of meeting somebody you can connect with. While we’ve heard stories of catfishing and ghosting, all you need is to keep your standards high when living out your Tinderella story. Here’s what to expect when you’ve joined the online dating scene.

STAGE 1: Finding Your Prospect

While you’re busy swiping left and right, remember other users will also do the same on your profile so you better have a good one. Choose your best selfies like that one photo where you’re wearing your fave MAC lipstick or show off your interests like a snap from a night out using a Samsung J6! When you’re done building your profile, let’s hope your prospects will eventually swipe the same way.

STAGE 2: Getting to Know Each Other

Congratulations if you finally found a match! Your next step is initiating a conversation. Learn about his/her interests before bringing up some of your personal faves like a profound novel from Fully Booked or maybe a few LSS tunes you heard on your Sonic Vibra 5 headphones. Ladies, conversation is key. That’s how you can decide if you’re ready for the main event.

STAGE 3: The Meet Up

If the online interaction goes well, maybe it’s time to go offline. The first date should live up to your standards. A way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach so don’t hesitate to suggest a good dining spot like Soban K-Town Grill. You and your match would enjoy the Korean barbeque feast. Should this date turn into something friendly than romantic, that’s fine. Just think about how awesome you are for getting yourself out there.

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