New Year, New You

The start of a new year gives us an opportunity to kick old habits and start afresh.  But this year, why not be bold, daring and declare your new self to the world through these “statement” items.

Why not wear your heart on your head with these caps that proclaim your new mission statement, deepest desire, daily mantra or current status to the world.   Talk about making a fashion statement! Your choice of headgear shows that you’ve got a great HATtitude for the coming year!



Take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne with these mission mugs!  Be greeted every morning with your favorite beverage and words of wisdom to start the day right.

So whether it is your ambition to be a techie, a space explorer or a peace maker, or if you need that one word kickstart to rev you up more than caffeine, find it in these practical yet purposeful mugs.


Using a recyclable, reusable tote bag declares to the world that you care about the environment.  Using one that has a statement, says that, well, you have a lot more than that to say.  Here is but one pretty practical example of such a shopping bag. This one also says, you’re simple, wholesome and sweet aside from being a caring consumer.



Give them a good reason to look at your chest!  Emblazon your feelings on a sexy tee and show them who you are and what you’ve got.  Whether it’s a challenge to discover the world or an irresistible invitation of confidence, these charming tops will tell 2017… “Here I am and I’m ready to conquer you”!


It’s gonna be a great year if we just name it, tame it and claim it! Here are some things from SM Supermalls that will do just that!  Happy New Year, Shoppers!


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