We’re giving you the lowdown on some essentials that will help guide you for one lucky new year and have the universe on your side. Here’s where to get your fill to bring on the good juju.

1. A dog charm

How about ushering in the Year of the Earth Dog with a timely brand new addition to your charm bracelet, or if you haven’t started on the timeless charm bracelet bandwagon yet, why not try this for your first one? Not only is Silverworks’ Dog Charm cute and quirky, it’s a bang-for-your-buck buy too. Did we mention it adds an extra oomph to your #OOTDs too?

2. A four-leaf clover necklace

The four-leaf clover is originally an Irish symbol for luck, known to aid in avoiding mischief. Apart from this, it is also believed to attract fame, wealth, good health, and love. Luckily, UniSilver has this as part of their arsenal. They have a pendant necklace for both kids and adults, so you can have matching accessories as a family!

3. A yellow statement blouse

It’s high time for a wardrobe update; and what better way to begin a new fabulous you than with a chic Uniqlo blouse. You’ll feel equally comfortable and radiant with their Extra Fine 2-Way Cache Coeur Long Sleeve Blouse. We suggest you get their yellow variant. We’re told it’s one of Feng Shui’s luckiest colors of the year. Fun fact: color is one of the strongest expressions of their elements too!

4. An ultraviolet watch

As you may already know, ultra violet has been hailed the pantone color of the year. The shade is also known to promote healing and expression, which seeks to bring energy and inspiration as well. It’s best to keep with the times. Stay on schedule with an ultra-stylish ultra violet watch on your arm. Thankfully, Watch Republic has a lot of brands that carry this aesthetic. Perhaps our favorite is Nixon’s lovely spin on it!

5. A charmed bag

And by charmed, we mean Frigga Charmed Life’s bag with an 8 Auspicious Symbol. Designed with eight auspicious symbols corresponding to specific blessings, this tote is perfect for carrying around whilst also attracting positive energy. The shop itself is owned by Feng Shui Master Marites Allen, so you definitely know that you’re in good hands.

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