Miss wearing shoes? Here’s why we should still wear them at home

These boots are made for walking, not collecting dust in a corner

It’s been so long since we’ve worn anything aside from slippers. Sure, we sometimes get to wear our “outside shoes” when doing errands, but otherwise, they just gather dust in a corner. 

You might be looking at your rack and wondering when you’ll ever wear your shoes again. Here’s motivation for you: Wear them at home—even for just a little while. Here’s why:

Prevents diseases and infections

 Double strap flat sandals from Mendrez come in three colors: white, black and orange

Aside from keeping our feet clean, wearing shoes at home can protect us from communicable diseases like athlete’s foot and fungal infections. If you’re not doing any chores for the day, feel free to wear your outdoor sandals at home.

Provides foot support

Complete your athleisure look with these World Balance sneakers. It’s made with air-mesh for extra breathability and flexibility and the insole is cushioned to prevent heel shock

If your shoes don’t fit or provide  ample support, you might experience minor aches and bunions. Having comfortable footwear is especially important for people who are always on their feet (even at home), so we recommend wearing sneakers with shock-proof cushioning to prevent joint pain while you’re moving around.

Makes working out easier

These Skechers sneakers are made with soft engineered mesh fabric and synthetic upper for comfortable training

Working out at home is the new norm. It’s not recommended to do high-intensity exercises barefoot (for obvious reasons), so be sure to wear the appropriate footwear.

These Airwalk sneakers have garterized straps, which are easily adjustable, and lightly padded insoles that are perfect for walking and light exercises

Likewise, if you’re into casual walks to get your minimum daily steps in, you can opt for lightweight slip-on sneakers.

An effort to dress up

Slim and sleek, these Charles & Keith sandals go well with casual and dressy outfits

Whether it’s preparing for a work meeting or celebrating someone’s birthday at home, dressing up will get you in the right mood to be productive and to socialize when needed. You don’t have to go for something fancy; these simple dress sandals will do.

This is Sledgers’ take on the classic lace-up leather shoes

Guys, feel free to bust out the leather shoes you usually wear at formal functions. Dust them off right now!

Bonus perk: Practice walking in heels

Add a pop of color to any outfit with these pastel Primadonna square-toe heels

If you’re not used to wearing heels, staying at home for long periods of time gives you the  opportunity to practice walking in them. This is a good way to build confidence should you decide to wear high heels more often when you go out.

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