Let’s make your pambahay outfits WFH-worthy

By the power vested in us by the loungewear gods, we'll try to make this work

Let’s be honest: Most people who have the privilege to work from home don’t really bother to change out of their loungewear or freshen up in the morning before opening their laptops to start working—well, unless there’s a major client meeting. But even then, we usually just put on a decent shirt and tattered shorts. Who cares about the bottom when no one’s going to see it, anyway?

I think it’s time to change that mindset though. Studies have proven that dressing yourself up in clothes that make you feel confident improves productivity and overall mood. But that doesn’t mean we should only wear suits and ties or fancy dresses to work. Your loungewear or pambahay outfit collection will do.

Cardigan over your tank top

Don’t have a cardigan? A basic button-down works, too. Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels

I usually wear tank tops at home because duh, the weather’s hot AF. But there’s always a cute cardigan hanging on the back of my chair just in case there’s a call for emergency huddles or unannounced client meetings. (I’m fine doing a tank solo but corporate dress codes call for a little more zhuzh.)

If you’re not the cardigan-wearing type, a buttoned shirt or a light jacket could work just as well.

Satin or silk loungewear set

Silk is not only comfy, it’s also good for the skin

Based on my personal preferences, there’s nothing more versatile (and comfier) than a satin pajama set.

Prior to the pandemic, I actually wore lounge tops to work. Some of them were cut to make crop tops. But most of the time, I just tucked them into washed mom jeans.

Classic white shirt

Nothing can ever go wrong with a plain white tee.

As the legendary saying goes, “When in doubt, wear white.” A crisp white shirt goes with literally anything. I can confidently wear a simple white shirt on a normal day or even when I’m meeting an important client. Its range is just phenomenal (I’m a white shirt apologist, sue me). Although to spice things up and give my outfit some color, I usually put on a beaded necklace.

Header Image Credit: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

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