Let’s Go Local!

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Stay true to your roots by patronizing Filipino products. Not only do they make a great pasalubong for our OFW friends, but it’s also a way to support our local craftsmen. Get these proudly Pinoy products at these stores.


Kultura Filipino

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Items from Kultura Filipino are made locally and loved globally. They offer various native Filipino products such as pearl accessories, clothing with native patterns, and scrumptious regional delicacies. Take a look at the different items in store by checking SM Kultura branches nationwide.


WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: The “Khai Double Pearl Necklace, Earrings, and Ring set” to get that signature “Pearl of the Orient” look.


Happy Skin

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Happy Skin is easily on par with other international beauty brands. This proudly Pinoy brand makes use of ingredients that are healthy for your skin, making sure that your skin is not only beautiful, but also vibrant and glowing.


WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: Their best-selling makeup collection, “Shut Up and Kiss Me” set, which comes in many shades is perfect for every mood and occasion. Widely recommended by famous Filipina celebrities, this is a great present for your loved ones.


Team Manila

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If you’re looking for streetwear with Filipino aesthetic, why not check out Team Manila’s wide array of clothing choices? Strut in style and comfort with shirts that are designed to cater to the Filipino taste.


WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: Take pride in the iconic jeepney and flaunt the Beep Beep shirt in black.


Folded & Hung

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Always be stylish and cool with casual wear available at Folded & Hung. Mix and match tops and bottoms to get a different look every time. With collections offered per season, you can have a great look all year long.


WHAT YOU SHOULD GET: Wow your friends with the Folded & Hung Collared Button Down Printed Dress. Its vibrant blue color will surely put all eyes on you.


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