Let there be length: Is there a way to go long in summer?

Here, we look at the details that matter when making that choice to go full-length

Summer is slowly approaching. We can feel the temperatures rising, see the sky getting clearer and witness the sun glaring down on us even more in the day. It’s the time of the year when we drop a few layers of clothing and wear whatever helps us stay cool. 

Now that we are often at home and only occasionally go out for important errands, we most likely turn to our tank tops and denim shorts (and a good dose of sunscreen) to help us beat the heat. Still, it’s important to remember the risks of sun exposure that can affect us even while indoors.

We’re so used to wearing shorter, barely-there clothes for warmer weather that we think they’re the only options for the hot season. But, it’s not counterintuitive to switch it up and opt for longer alternatives to cover up and protect ourselves from the heat and sun while keeping ourselves cool and comfy. The key is knowing how to find the right lengthy staples.

Here’s how to make long work for you

The first things to consider are fit and fabric. Think light and loose, and airy and breezy. The most uncomfortable feeling is donning clothes that stick to our skin due to sweat. Loose-fitting garments are our best bets during this season. These encourage air flow, whether that’s a sheer shirt or loose skirt.

When it comes to fabric, look out for lightweight or breathable materials like cotton and linen—two natural fibers that allow air to circulate between the threads to help you stay cool in the heat. Cotton is also quick-drying and moisture-wicking, which makes it a summer closet essential.

If you want a new downtime look for your quarantine routines, go for long-sleeved shirts made of cotton with excellent moisture absorption properties. Then balance it with linen pants, which have natural moisture-wicking abilities, to nail the cool look.

What about a flowy maxi dress? Not only is the ankle-length number a quick and easy option to help you stay stylish and cool, you can also show off your personality with bright, fun prints that effortlessly flatter through and through. However, look out for options that won’t trap heat around your body.  Find ones made of breathable fabric and features like a fun slit that will make it comfortable to wear throughout summer.

Sure, we all know how hot it can get but it doesn’t mean we can’t play with length. Make sure to always protect yourself from the sun and heat by staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen and playing with pieces that will cover us up and keep us cool.

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