Let Her Glisten: A Gift Guide For Mother’s Day

“Brilliant jewelry is an absolute necessity to the modern mode,” says Vogue. And Mother’s Day is essentially a good occasion to consider jewelry embellished with diamonds and other precious stones as your ultimate gift to mom. Not quite sure which dazzler to get? Here’s a quick primer to help you out.


1. Diamond

Ancient Indian Vedic tradition associates this durable and nearly perfect gemstone with Venus, the planet of love. They’re made of crystallized carbon that reflects light, and though they appear colorless, these stones have actually subtle tones of yellow or brown. Diamonds symbolize clarity, confidence, empowerment, and purpose in life.

Our Picks:  Gems and Jewels’ Tiffany Ring, Gold Boulevard’s Gold Cuff


2. Pearl

Pearls are another classic, given their versatility with formal and everyday wear. Favored heavily by style icon Grace Kelly during her days as an actress and even when she became Princess Grace of Monaco, pearls don’t require special cutting or polishing, allowing them to retain their natural beauty. In ancient societies, pearls symbolize the moon and believed to have magical properties. These gemstones also symbolize emotional healing and abundance.

Our Picks:  Pandora’s Mother’s Collection Bracelet, Philip Stein Modern Ladies Mother of Pearl Dial, Imono’s Mother of Pearl Necklace


3. Emerald

Did you know that JFK proposed to Jackie O with an emerald stunner? Or that Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald set came from the Grand Duchess Vladimir in Russia? A fine emerald may be two to three times as valuable as a diamond. Aristotle was said to be great fan of this stone, believing that it aids its owner in business speeches, wins trials, and soothes the eyesight. Many cultures have associated this rare gem with birth, fertility, and spring.

Our Picks:  Karat World’s Dangling Emerald Diamond Earrings

Bonus Suggestions: Prestige’s Daniel Klein Blue Plated Watch, M Lhuillier Jewellers’ Tri-color Gold Bracelet, Geo-Watch Unlimited’s Alexandre Christie Watch, Time Depot’s Festina F16692/5

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