Krazy For Kris Kringle!

The annual Kris Kringle in our schools, offices, and barkadas is a much-anticipated event during the holidays. It makes the season even more exciting as we wait to see what our Ninongs and Ninangs will get us every week. What makes it even more exciting is shopping for the perfect little presents for our Babies that are of course, in keeping with the theme for the week.

While we’re sure you already have something in mind, here are some other gifting thought starters to help you out when you’re a bit stumped and on a budget.

Something Colorful


Sticky Notes | Available at National Bookstore

While the obvious choice is getting the assorted color packs, we recommend looking for these cool jigsaw note packs at National Bookstore that will definitely fit your Baby’s posting needs.


Assorted Candies | Candy Corner

Be the sweetest Ninong or Ninang ever by giving a big bag of candies! Choose from Candy Corner’s wide variety of candies to get the most colorful combination you can.


Writing Instruments | Available at Office Warehouse

Sometimes, note-taking should be a little more colorful. Give your Baby a variety of colored pens, markers, and highlighters to liven up his/her notes! Drop by Office Warehouse branches at SM Supermalls to find the most colorful items you can.

Something Throwback 


Bandana/handkerchiefs for guys | Bench

When your Kris Kringle group feels a touch more nostalgic, it’s time to go retro! Admit it, almost all your guy friends had this one in their pockets – whether to wear as bands on their arms and head or to use as their handy handkerchiefs. Remind them of their young and carefree days with a colored bandana. Choose from a variety of choices at Bench!

Stationery | Papemelroti

Remember when we used to trade stationery and write letters, essays, and stories on pretty sheets of paper and pads? Choose a special set from Papemelroti!


Games | Toy Kingdom

Who says we have outgrown playing games? Give your Babies game sets the whole barkada can play!





Choker Necklace | Forever 21

For your girl Babies who’ve kept their stylish biker chic look, an edgy choker from Forever 21 is the perfect choice!

Something Useful


Computer/mobile cleaning kit | Available at CDR-King

While we love getting cute and sweet little presents (and giving them, too!), we also appreciate getting items we can use at home, school, and the office. A really practical gift you can give is this 4-in-1 computer and mobile cleaning kit.



Office Supplies | National Bookstore

Whoever you draw as your Baby, we’re sure he/she will appreciate small office and school supply items that he/she can use any time, any day!


Mini-flashlight | CDR King

Now, here’s a really useful gift that your Baby can use in cases of emergency. A pocket flashlight can fit easily into his/her bag for easy reach.

Tumblers | Surplus Shop

Whether or not your Baby is into sports and fitness, a tumbler will help him/her stay cool and hydrated in this country’s tropical conditions. Choose from a variety of choices and designs at Surplus Shop!

Something for personal Use


Personal Care Items | Etude House

Give a more personal touch to your gift with these items from Etude House!


Travel Organizers | Beabi

Your Babies don’t have to worry about having spills and messy travel bags the next time they go out-of- town with these items from Beabi!

Did you get inspired by our picks? Whatever your Kris Kringle themes are and whoever your Babies are or will be, you’re sure to find the perfect gifts for Kris Kringle at SM Supermalls!

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