Ko Moon-young of “It’s Okay Not to be Okay” is our 2021 jewelry trendsetter

Five times Ko Moon-young proved she’s a sucker for pretty accessories

“You have to watch ‘It’s Okay Not to be Okay’ or you’ll regret it forever.”

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you my friend messaged me every freaking day for three straight weeks just to remind me of this. And honestly, I didn’t want to watch any series at that time as I was on a K-drama fasting—don’t ask why—but I eventually still watched it out of curiosity (and partly because I wanted to shut my friend up ✌🏼😗).

But guess what? My friend was right, after all. Besides the intriguing plot (which I won’t spoil, watch it if you haven’t already) and amazing cinematography, the drama’s lead actor Ko Moon-young had some of the best ’fits I’ve seen in my entire life. She was a fashion legend ahead of her time. Imagine wearing some of the biggest jewelry trends of 2021… in 2020? Only Ko Moonyoung can relate.

Textured metals

Textured hoop earrings from Royal Gem

When I first saw Ko Moon-young wearing a pair of hoop earrings (S1:E3, 00:10:20), I didn’t think much of it. It’s nothing new. Plus, judging by how a lot of people are still into it, I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. But then I realized she wasn’t just wearing a regular pair of hoop earrings. It was made of hammered metal. A few months after, trend reports claimed we’re doing away with smooth finishes in 2021. Yup, hoops are still in but only those that are textured—exactly the likes of Ko Moon-young’s earrings.

Earrings with abstract finishes are expected to draw more attention than regular ones, so if you’re someone who loves attention, you now know which accessories would suit you best (you’re welcome).

Chunky statement rings

Diamond panther ring from Noregold Fine Jewelry

K-pop idols were so into stacking thin rings last year. I still remember seeing my bias wearing these multiple delicate rings on one finger and they looked so good that even I had the huge urge to buy a set for myself. I was fully convinced it was the current ring trend in Korea. So imagine my surprise when I saw Ko Moon-young unapologetically wearing a signet ring (S1:E1, 1:07:00) only my grandpa would dare to wear.

Although she looked good wearing it, I never thought it’d become a huge trend in 2021—but yeah, it did. We aren’t even halfway through the year but I’ve already seen hundreds of celebrities stack chunky rings on multiple fingers as if one isn’t enough. And you know what, this is actually the perfect trend for people who are too lazy to dress up. Just let the rings do the talking.

Updated pearls

Diamond and pearl drop earrings from Oro China Jewelry

Okay, before you complain about how pearls are so ’90s and that they don’t fit the new generation aesthetic, hear me out: As much as you always want to be trendy and fab, don’t you think it’s quite nice to look classic and familiar sometimes? Ko Moon-young knows this all too well. Sure, she was experimental with her wardrobe but there were also times when she would sport a simpler look (S1:E12, 01:06:39).

Besides, we aren’t even talking about regular pearls here (and again, there’s nothing wrong with them). Ever heard of updated pearls? They are more commonly known as modern pearls—irregularly shaped or mixed with other gemstones. Thanks to this contemporary update, pearls aren’t limited to formal occasions anymore. Hell, you can now wear pearls with a simple tee and washed jeans. 

Good news: Oro China is offering 50% off on all items from Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, 2021. So grab this opportunity to buy a pair of modern pearls for a cheaper price. All you need to do is download the SM Malls Online app on Google Play or App Store.

Studded wristwatch

Seiko Lukia Ladies’ Watch from Prestige Timepiece Center, Inc.

“Who needs a wristwatch when you already have a phone?” Well, that’s sort of true. But the thing is, wristwatches are not just timepieces anymore—they can now be used as fashion statements as well. I mean, Ko Moon-young never checked the time but she still wore a wristwatch (S1:E12, 01:06:31). Why? Simply because it suited her style. (Plus, am I really the only one who finds it more convenient to check the time on my wrist than on my phone? Weird.)

“But wristwatches these days all look similar. How am I going to make a statement with those?” Two words: Studded wristwatch. It’s striking, functional and versatile. So before the trend explodes, I recommend getting one now.

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelet from Pandora’s garden collection

If there was one thing Ko Moon-young lacked, it’s bracelets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear one (or maybe she did but it wasn’t just cute enough for me to notice). But big news to bracelet enthusiasts out there: Charm bracelets are going to make a comeback in 2021. You probably think it never left—but trust me, it’s going to be big this year as people become more sentimental with everything that’s going on. And what better way to secure every prized moment in your life than wearing them on your wrist, right?

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