How to style our boyfriends to look like our bias without him noticing

Hey there, chingus! I’m back at it with another K-Pop fashion article, but this time we’re taking inspiration from our biases for… our boyfriends. Okay, hear me out. You’re not the only one benefitting from this! Who knows, maybe your SO will find a new staple in his closet and learn some lessons from stepping out of his comfort zone. With the drastic changes in the fashion and entertainment industry, there isn’t really any reason to stick to the safe side of fashion. And this makes for a fun fashion experiment for both of you! [PSA at the end of the article] 

One thing about male idols that has fans gushing is how they’re not afraid to try different concepts while gendered clothes mean nothing to them. Try expanding your boyfriend’s closet options by introducing him to pieces inspired by your favorite K-Pop boy genres such as soft, dancer, prince-like, and bad boy.

Let’s start with an easy one: dance practice video ‘fits. Though unique to each idol, a common practice wear look is simply athleisure wear such as joggers, oversized sweaters or shirts, and a bucket hat or beanie. It’s simple and easy but it just does it for fans who fall even harder every time their idol dances. I mean, who wouldn’t love a good dancer? Your boyfriend may not know how to dance but he sure can look the part with some oversized ‘fit and ripped jeans. Don’t limit the style to just plain black and white because a pop of color does a great job in helping you spot your bias and your boyfriend in the crowd. Why not try some dance classes together or online zumba videos for fun and exercise? Who knows, he might have a hidden dancer in him that could make you fall in love all over again. 

Something I’m sure all K-Pop fans love about their idols is that they’re not afraid to be in touch with their feminine side. Pretty, soft, baby, ethereal. These compliments are accepted gratefully and are even used by idols to describe themselves and their other members. We love a confident man who isn’t afraid to break away from stereotypes. Have your very own emotional support K-Pop boy and introduce him to the wonderful world of pastel and softcore fashion. I mean, what even are female and male clothes? Make it make sense!

I am definitely one to swoon over bad boy concepts but who can blame me? It’s a trope that will never go out of style and fans thrive on it. We may be living in a tropical country but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few leather pieces in your wardrobe. Gift him a leather jacket or even some leather pants and you’ll have yourself your very own visual to swoon over. And get this, you’re not limited to just ogling him through a screen! Also, a piercing or two won’t hurt. But we’re not here to pressure them into conforming to our standards but sometimes people need a little push to accept that there’s this thing they’ve been wanting to try, but are too shy to even take the first step.

All in all, this article isn’t meant to pressure your boys or indulge in your fanmade delusions, but is a fun fashion experiment to try with your partners. Remember that your relationship shouldn’t be based on looks alone and that accepting each other is vital in a relationship. I get how head over heels we are about our idols, but don’t treat your partners as a substitute for your biases. Remember to give them a little more attention and love after reading this article, okay?  

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