Halloween without a costume? Horrors!

Chill. Here are edgy outfits you can still wear after trick or treat season

Now comes the season of white ladies with streaming black hair, vampires with ketchup blood on their lips, and sexy Disney princesses. Filipinos may not be as invested in Halloween celebrations as our Western cousins, but we’ve always liked dressing up for the occasion.

With the pandemic giving us the biggest scare, Halloween parties (a.k.a everyone’s excuse to dress edgy)  are canceled this year. That’s why we prepared four low-key ways to dress the part, so low-key you can wear them to work, the grocery store and other events even when Halloween’s long over.

All-black outfit

Gwendell dress from Blued

Who are we kidding? It isn’t Halloween if there’s no black involved.

Authentic sneakers from People are People

For some reason, black has become a symbol of horror, mystery and fear. So spread your trick or treat agenda by wearing an all-black outfit no matter where you go.

Structured hobo bag from Pabder Uomo

And that includes your bag.

Classic fit suit

Classic black suit from Onésimus

What kind of folk wear suits when “sleeping?” Coffin beds optional.

Eerie tee

Kurt Cobain graphic tee from Artwork

When you can’t cosplay Michael Jackson or Kurt Cobain without getting weird looks, try wearing their faces instead.

Tribal streetwear T-shirt from Tribal

How about tees with abstract, sinister (borderline disturbing) designs?

Human by Issa tee from human

Or maybe an outfit to assure people that you’re human—and not some extraterrestrial creature.

Pumpkin-inspired ’fit

Boat shoes from American Boulevard

Orange is the new black: it’s inseparable from Halloween. Some Halloween enthusiasts describe it as the “fire that cuts through the darkness of a black night” (dramatic, I know). If you’re not getting some party pumpkin soup this year, why not wear its color instead?

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