Hook us up with these knitwear OOTDs ASAP, please

Grab your yarns and hooks. We’re making fashionable pieces to complement your outfits

Staying at home has led us to discover (or rediscover) our penchant for different hobbies, and among the most popular ones is crocheting. Thanks to this stress-relieving activity, our Instagram feeds witnessed the comeback of crochetcore, a combination of “crochet” and the suffix “core” to signify an aesthetic.

When it comes to fashion, the first thing that comes to mind on the mention of crochet are scarves. That’s probably because it’s the easiest fashion item to knit, though unfortunately, it doesn’t really fit our country’s tropical weather. In lieu of fluffy red scarves a la Go Eun Tak in “Goblin,” here are ways you can incorporate knitwear in your OOTDs.

Knit off-shoulder top + dress

Go for a boho chic look like queen IU herself by wearing an oversized knit off-shoulder blouse in muted colors like gray or cream on top of a halter or spaghetti strap dress in vibrant colors like red or violet. Tie the look together with a thin belt loosely cinched on your waist and a messy top bun.

Knit pullover + leather pants

Leather and knitwear may be on the opposite ends of the (fabric) spectrum, but they certainly make an awesome outfit that strikes the balance between cozy and edgy. Soften the “tough girl” vibes of leather bottoms by wearing it with a knit pullover in soft hues like nudes and pastels.

Knit baguette bag + any outfit

The easiest way to incorporate crochetcore in your outfit is to accessorize with knit fashion items. This certain versatility to match any get-up and aesthetic might explain why crocheted baguette bags have become popular recently. Don this handbag and be the crochetcore version of Carrie Bradshaw who made it trendy in “Sex and  the City.”

Knit cardigan + coords

We still can’t get over the crochet galore that was Blackpink’s music video for “Ice Cream” and one of our favorite looks from it was the colorful layered outfit comprised of a candy-colored knit cardigan and eyelet top and skirt coords that Jisoo wore. 

Knit sun hat + sundress

Picture this: You walking in a field of flowers wearing a knit sun hat and a soft-colored flowy sundress plus a dainty pair of sandals. The cheerful and colorful side of the crochetcore aesthetic shines through this summery outfit—and don’t forget to top it off with a radiant smile, too. 

Knit cropped cardigan + high-waisted jeans

Give off the ultimate girl crush vibes like Red Velvet’s Joy by fully buttoning up a cropped cardigan in eye-catching patterns like florals or patchwork and matching it with high-waisted pants. And if you wish to be more adventurous with your look, you can try styles like bell-bottoms or mom jeans.

Knit beanie + streetwear

Knit beanie, a band T-shirt, boyfriend jeans, sneakers and maybe even a flannel: the Tumblr and fan fiction generation are more than familiar with this casual outfit. But regardless of how simple or “basic” this look may be, we’ve got to admit that it works very well.

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