How To Get That Perfect Look For Your Summer Adventure

Bright sunlight, breezy afternoons, and tons of adventures—summer is definitely here! While summer is without a doubt the best time of the year, there’s always the problem of dressing up for the hot weather. There’s so much to think of: looking cute and on-point, being comfortable (and not to mention cool enough so you don’t sweat everywhere), it’s enough to make any girl go crazy! Well, you know what they say: when in doubt, stick to classics. Luckily, Spring/Summer 2015 trends have stuck close to the classics when it comes to dressing for bright and sunshiny weather.

One major thing that’s back on the trend charts this season? Florals. Whether you’re in the city or getting ready for a roadtrip to the beach, floral prints are a no-brainer. Slip a lovely little floral number on as a dress or even as a tiny accent for your outfit, and you’re good to go. Even better news: floral pieces now come in different styles—not just dresses and scarves, but even trousers and shorts, so you can have that fun summer adventure looking fresh and light. You wanna cop that look? Check out these stunning floral trousers by BENCH.

Floral prints are easy to find these days and pop up in the most interesting garments.

BENCH’s floral trousers paired with one of their plain tops in a coral/salmon tone is an easy way to put this kind of look together.

Another major trend this season is playing with prints, especially on sheer or shimmering cloth. Whether mixing florals with other equally colorful prints or offsetting loud, detailed prints with muted and solid colors, exploring what you can do with colorful prints is definitely a thing. Imagine languid afternoons chilling out with friends with the sun on these decidedly attention-grabbing colors!

There are a lot of ways to play around with prints that don’t involve layering, which is an impossibility considering the summer heat here. Why not play around with plain accessories and other pieces to really get the most effect? Bags and clutches in solid, classic colors—think of neutrals, peaches, corals, and golds—will definitely let you look like a burst of sunlight be it on the city streets or on the dirt roads. These bags from CLN CELINE are perfect for that summer look.

Soft floral dresses are accentuated by solid bags and clutches in coral or neutral tones. CLN Celine’s bags, known for their classic and timeless looks, do just the trick.

Bold eyewear and other accessories in solid blocks but a softer color palette is key to keeping this summer’s look together.

Ideal Vision’s eyewear is the perfect example for an understated and relaxed sunshiny look.

Finally, with all that walking around and adventuring, you’ll need sensible footwear that’s both comfortable and undeniably chic! This summer is all about sandals in light, nautical colors, and a bit of metal. Think flat, minimalist, plain-colored sandals, with simple lines or curves. It’s these sandals that have shown up on runways across the world, and for good reason—how can you have a proper summer adventure in heels? This season is all about movement and sandals are perfect for just that.

If you want something simple and versatile, these minimalist sandals from PAYLESS are just right for walking around the concrete jungle to taking a stroll by the beachside. For those who want to be a little more urban, something like these PRIMADONNA sandals are ideal; it’s the right mix of fashionable and functional, with its smaller wedge-style heel giving you just the best amount of oomph for a daytime to nighttime look.

(From first to second): For footwear, white is definitely in. Payless’ minimalist style sandals give off the perfect balance between fashionable and functional. Primadonna’s sandals are city-chic, guaranteed to get you around the urban jungle in style.

All in all, for the girl who wants to put together the perfect wardrobe for her summer adventure, remember: sandals, florals, sheer prints, and solid-color accessories are the way to go. Dress comfortably but fashionably for a sunlit summer that’s sure to be full of fun!

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