How To Restart Your Life During Mercury Retrograde

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When people bring up Mercury being in retrograde, they often reference the same things: a bad grade, a friendship ending, an ex-fling coming back into their lives. Miscommunication is never pleasant for anyone. Mercury in retrograde is a notoriously bad time for the universe, and when you factor in the epic curveball which is 2020, it would be an understatement to say that life has not been great. However, with a little self-control and a lot of patience, it can serve as a time to mature and grow. After all, with the Mercury retrograde occurring during Cancer season, that just means reigning in your feelings. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.

Read on to find out how to restart during the retrograde—

1) Self-care suits you.

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Remember that the best cure to feeling emotionally burned out is to take care of yourself. Set some time out of each day to reset, renew, and recharge. Binge your favorite TV show on your Apple TV from Power Mac while snacking on your comfort sweet treat from Cinnabon when you dine in at your favorite SM mall. Or maybe go out shopping with friends and buy that Bayo dress you have been eyeing since forever! Remember, you are not a bad person for doing what makes you feel good.


2) Find your emotional outlet.

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With retrograde affecting everybody’s mood, it may be difficult to find someone to confide in, and isolation can be a tricky thing. Instead of brooding, why don’t you take the time to practice emotional independence and healthy coping mechanisms?

When you are feeling frustrated, put on your favorite gym wear from Nike to sweat it out. If you are feeling sad, write out your feelings in a journal from Fully Booked. Just remember that every emotion can be channeled productively, and you are strong even when you are on your own.


3) Embrace change.

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If you are having trouble being heard, then express yourself even louder. The retrograde is the perfect time to fill your wardrobe with bold statement pieces from your favorite stores. Maybe the refresh you so desperately need can come in the form of shoes from Payless, a dress from Plains and Prints, and specs from Sunnies.

Whatever the case, let the whole world know who you are and what you feel by what you are wearing. Spread the good energy all around!


4) In kindness there is strength.

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It is not easy to keep up a sunny personality in the middle of chaos, but it is important to try. When you feel unheard or misunderstood by your peers, be the one to extend an olive branch and make amends. It can be as simple as practicing good listening techniques or sending them a care package filled with their favorite treats from Krispy Kreme, Army Navy, or Jollibee. You can order these through SM Takeout and Delivery on Viber Community!

Mercury retrograde is a tough time — and it might seem harder now with the mayhem, mischief, and mishaps currently surrounding us— but just remember that we are tougher. Chin up, everyone! Let’s restart together to be better, stronger, and smarter during the last stretch of Cancer season and hold onto the fact that retrograde is almost over.

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