Dress like your fave music icon with these fashion items on sale

It’s as if you’re walking straight out of a music video

The way we dress can reveal the type of music we like. And we’d bet our vinyl collection most people would instantly assume you’re a K-pop stan if you dye your hair a bright color, an Arianator if you sport a high ponytail, or a Swiftie if you wear red lipstick. Yup, peak stereotyping. But wearing a piece that reminds everyone of the artist you like can also potentially be an effective icebreaker when meeting new people. So scroll down to see the items we often associate with some of today’s music icons. And who knows, maybe a thing or two will remind you of your faves, too. (Bonus: Most of the items here are on sale!)

Babydoll dress

Hailey Dress from Apartment 8 Clothing

Petite pop singers such as Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez are often seen wearing cute babydoll dresses as these lengthen the body frame. If you aren’t familiar, a babydoll dress is usually short and baggy. It fits just right around the shoulders and bust area but skims loosely around the waist and hips—which elongate the legs without looking too frumpy. Want to cop the look? Here’s the Hailey Dress from Apartment 8 Clothing. Buy it for 15% off (from P3,980 to P3,383) now via their official website or in-store.

Crop top

Morgan Set from Karimadon

Crop tops wouldn’t necessarily remind you of a certain artist—but it would definitely remind you of Korean girl group members. Don’t even try to deny it: You’ve seen Jennie of Blackpink, Ryu-jin of Itzy, or Tzu-yu of Twice wear crop tops during performances (or to the airport) enough that your brain automatically associates these clothes with K-pop. 

Willow Top from Karimadon

You may purchase the Morgan Set for P2,299 or this Willow Top from Karimadon for only P1,399 online or in-store. It’s a crop top with embroidered lace and spaghetti straps—perfect for wearing this summer. Bonus: Get up to 50% off other Karimadon items when you shop now.

Pointed toe ankle boots

Double Zip Pointed Toe Ankle Boots from Charles & Keith

Remember the iconic metallic boots Beyoncé wore during her “On the Run II” tour in 2018? Yeah, it made such a huge impact that it’s still the talk of the town two (going three) years later. Metallic seems too eye-catching though, so here’s our recommended alternative: double zip pointed toe ankle boots from Charles & Keith. Buy the pair at 20% off (from P4,199 to P3,359) via the brand’s official site or in-store.


Vega Jumpsuit from Ziya

More singers (and celebrities) are ditching gowns for jumpsuits when attending awards ceremonies or gala nights. This trend started at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards when a number of attendees (including Taylor Swift and host Chrissy Teigen) turned up in their one-piece suits. To slay the look, get this Vega Jumpsuit from Ziya for 20% off (from P750 to P600) via their site or in-store. It is made of cotton blend fabric (80% cotton, 20% rayon)—making it lightweight, resistant to wrinkles and ideal for humid weather.

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