How To Dress Like Your Ultimate TWICE Bias

Let your inner ONCE out by taking style inspiration from the girls of TWICE!

K-Pop has captured the world by storm. A particular group that has stolen the hearts of individuals all over the Philippines is the 9-member girl group TWICE. The members consist of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

The group debuted under JYP Entertainment (JYPE) in 2015 after a competition show entitled Sixteen. They are known for hits such as “Feel Special” and “TT”. Their worldwide fame can be attributed to their catchy songs, unparalleled choreography, and stylish fashion!

Their popularity paved the way for a collaboration with the country’s leading clothing brand. This resulted in TWICE for Bench Philippines. From streetwear to upscale fashion, the members of this girl group are definitely a diverse bunch with contrasting styles.

How can you dress like your ultimate TWICE bias?


One of the most admirable things about this girl group is their diversity. Each individual is distinctively different and equally shines in her own way. These are visible through their personalities, on-screen personas, performances, as well as their incredibly stylish outfits! Check out some ways you can dress like your TWICE bias here in the Philippines.




Born on September 1995, NAYEON is the oldest member of the group. Aside from being a top-notch singer and a remarkable dancer, she possesses a very outspoken and lively personality. She loves all things beauty and is known for her feminine outfits. She can also be seen rocking plain, simple button-downs on a laid-back day.

Recreate this outfit from your favorite bunny unnie and cop her style through #TwiceForBench. Get your hands on this Pastel Blue Corduroy Polo now!



JEONGYEON is a member known for her powerful vocals that never fail to stand out in any performance! Born in November 1996, she possesses an organized personality and likes to keep things clean. She is known for her boyish charm and style through her everyday outfits that consist of pants and a button-down polo or t-shirt. Score this black sleeved polo-neck jumper from H&M to pair with your favorite black jeans!

Aside from her clothing style, Jeongyeon is also known for her sleek bob haircut. Transform your look with the help of professionals at Tony and Jackey. Make your short hair inspo come to life!



With her distinct and jaw-dropping dance moves, MOMO always stands out in a crowd. Also born in November 1996, the Japanese idol is known for her adorable and bright personality. Momo is additionally the group’s biggest foodie! She loves to eat jokbal (braised pig’s trotters) and binge on her favorite snacks.

This women’s month, cop this Feminist white shirt from Penshoppe and embody this dance machine’s empowering persona. To finish up the look, get a nail makeover from Nailandia Salon and Spa!



When it comes to SANA, you’ll never be bored with her vibrant and witty personality. Born in December 1996, Sana is a very affectionate member. The Japanese idol loves showing off her love for her other members. Although her figure is petite, she knows how to catch your attention using her charming personality and her looks!

Get your hands on her outfit from TWICE’s collaboration with Bench by going to an SM Store near you! The chic floral blouse can be paired with a staple Denim Mini Skirt. Want her iconic pink colored locks? Make a statement and play around with your hairstyle with the help of certified hair experts at NORA Hair Salon.



JIHYO is the leader of this worldwide girl group. Born in February 1997, she may come off as strong and fierce, but she is also very generous. Jihyo is known to be sweet, optimistic, and compassionate. On the dance floor, she is extremely energetic and it shows through her expressions. She exudes charm every time she’s on stage!

Her boss-babe yet cute personality shows through her everyday outfits. Want to embody the fearless leader of this international girl group? Pair the Button Down Flounce Sleeve Top from ForMe with a long flowing white skirt.



MINA is the resident ballet dancer of the group. Born in March 1997, she undoubtedly knows how to embody elegance. Also the third of the Japanese idols in the group, Mina is recognized to have a kind heart and is known for her stunning beauty.

Through her clothes, you can clearly see the softness and luxury of her ballerina side. Embody Mina’s elegance and grace by adding touches of tulle and sparkle to your outfits. Cop this stunning Black Long Tulle Dress from Zara for a Black Swan vibe!



DAHYUN represents all the outgoing extroverts out there! She’s high on energy and will most likely be the person you want to bring with you on spontaneous adventures. Her personality is very pleasing and easy to love. She’s almost always smiling or making someone else laugh!

Transform your look and put on the first colorful top you see. Top it off with your choice from a broad range of hair clips, pins, earrings, and other colorful jewelry. For a more distinct Dahyun look, draw on a simple, thin winged liner from your favorite Careline eye product.



CHAEYOUNG is the powerful girl group’s main rapper. Aside from that, she is also a singer, dancer, and composer. Born in April 1999, the artistic idol has written lyrics and melodies for a number of their songs. She also expresses herself through other creative mediums such as painting, photography, and drawing.

Her style is defined by her androgynous and artistic choices. She can usually be seen in printed tees and denim jeans. Show off your creativity and love of art by wearing a T-Shirt with Front Print from Zara!


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And last, but definitely not the least, the maknae or the youngest of the group. TZUYU is an idol that appears to be quiet from her introvert persona but will surprise you with her dance moves. She definitely knows how to steal the show.

On ordinary days, the idol – born on June 1999 – can be seen in floral and petite clothing. Be like Tzuyu and add comfort to your day-to-day life by grabbing a floral printed half-sleeve jumpsuit from Uniqlo. Remember, don’t sacrifice comfort over style!

There is definitely a TWICE personality for everyone out there, so get your hands on these outfits and feel special.

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