Don’t Rain On Your Own Parade

Keep calm and love the rainy days.

Rain holds many meanings and we’re in for a flood of realizations. To most people, rain brings a certain gloom, a shadowed time –a time without the cheerful sun. Some have learned to live with the gloom, because we can’t always have sunny days –that’s realization number one. One only needs to find ways to embrace the gloom, because whatever the weather, you can always try putting a bit of cheer to make the day go your way.

1) First things first: Keep the rain out.

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Having wet shoes is a definite no-no. Wet shoes are uncomfortable and trying to dry wet clothes during a rainy weather is such a hassle. When going out, be better prepared with a cheery set of raingears. Keeping dry is key to keep the rain from dampening your mood!

Boost your wardrobe and head to The SM Store for a sturdy raincoat, shiny rain boots, and a trusty umbrella –and don’t forget to get a facemask, too! For added protection, get a waterproof phone case from Cellboy! In case of emergency, swing by All Flip Flops for a pair of all-weather footwear.

2) It’s not bad weather. It’s Bed Weather!

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Bed weather is the feeling of not wanting to get up because your bed is too comfy and soft and out the window is widespread gray. Ultimate cozy weather, right? Cozy it up some more by getting fresh new sheets from H&M, as well as candles, room scents, and room décor from SM HOME. Throw in a steaming cup of joe from Bo’s Coffee and your favorite book from National Bookstore and you’re all set for a warm and snug day in bed.

3. Be Your Own Sunny Day

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Gloomy weather shouldn’t go with a gloomy attitude. You don’t want an endless stretch of gray as far as the eye can see, and we’re including your face in the mirror. Gloomy days go best with a warm outlook.

Is there a better way to up your mood on rainy days than with warm palettes and brighter smiles? This has been true, especially nowadays when we can’t really go out and see the vibrance of the great outdoors. Splash on some color with makeup palettes from BLK Cosmetics and Sunnies Face, dress up with eye-catching dresses from Uniqlo, and maybe even a new phone case from Silicon Valley!

4. Warm Up to the Weather

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There’s no faster route to happiness on a rainy day than comfort food. For some, a steaming bowl of noodles from North Park, a cup of bittersweet hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts, and lightly salted fries from Army Navy come to mind. These all sound good, but really, it’s all up to you: a bucket of chicken from KFC? Your favorite lauriat set from Chowking? Or the largest cup of milk tea you can get your hands on from Coco? Whether dining in or ordering via SM Delivery and Takeout Viber Community, you’re going to end up happy.

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As an added treat, trade in your tech gear for new ones and make working from home or the office, studying, and even just relaxing with your favorite rainy day movies a better experience. Be sure to check out Octagon, Electroworld, and Samsung for the latest in tech, and don’t forget one crucial thing: earphones for when you feel like dancing on your own.

Rainy days aren’t forever, and gloomy mornings don’t mean the rest of the day is going to go badly. Learn to cheer up and just embrace it. We can’t be sure how a day will start, but we can always do our best to make sure it ends well.

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