Try These 7 Fun Denim Combinations

1. White dress + denim jacket + booties

Aim for a breezy yet edgy look by putting on a denim jacket on top of a lacy white dress and topping it off with dark booties.

2. Tank top + jacket/cardigan/blazer + weekend jeans

Trying to strike a balance between work and play with your outfit? Wear a simple tank top or one with some flair under a blazer or a jacket and pair these with distressed loose or straight-cut jeans.

3. Silk blouse + denim flares + chunky heels

Go retro with a lively printed silk blouse, flares (or bell bottoms if you will) and platforms!

4. Long-sleeved denim button-down + denim shorts + booties

What’s another great thing about weekends? Dressing down in shorts! Pair a light-coloured denim top with a dark-colored pair of shorts and vice versa for a cute weekender outfit. Lace up your booties, too, to complete the look!

5. Denim jacket + midi skirt + pumps

Pair up a denim jacket and a skirt that’s not a mini denim one? It can work!

6. Denim jacket + striped tee + denim jeans

One of the trending denim looks this year is pairing your jacket and jeans with a striped tee. Aside from looking utterly cool, stripes can flatter your figure.

7. Patterned top + denim skirt

Don’t be daunted by the idea of mixing and matching tops with your denim skirt! Try printed top with the skirt and see how it turns out.

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