3 Must Try Denim Styles

Perhaps the most wearable fabric there is, denim guarantees comfort and versatility. When choosing the right pair of jeans for your body type, a mix of the right fit, style, and wash is a no-fail formula.

1. FIT

Often, choosing the right fit is synonymous to finding an illusion of elongated legs. Let’s start with the staples:

The fitted skinny is perfect if you want to frame your gams to look longer and leaner. A universal cut that is flattering for most body types is the straight leg that maximizes one’s silhouette and sculpts the bottom.

On the other hand, loose and relaxed boyfriend jeans are a staple pair for denim enthusiasts because of its nonchalant vibe.

If you want an effortless but stylish look, the bootcut is the way to go. It’s more than an ode to the ‘70s; the subtle flares automatically translate casual denim to chic and put-together.


Customized denim is seeing more light this year. Styled and updated designs are available in more racks as the fabric is continuously recreated.

Cropped jeans are perfect for a minimal look. Cut right above the ankle, this style is perfect if you want to put the attention to your shoes.

For a more out there look, more and more are sporting the fringed bottom. The frayed hem is a fresh addition that can be both edgy and feminine. For a lax and worn-in feel, patchwork denim is a top bet. The patched layers are bohemian and cool so a solid colored top is a foolproof coordinate for this look.

A nice refresh is embroidered patterns on your style staple. A floral embroidery on the hem and linings can be the instant highlight for your look but also incredibly versatile that you can take from day to night and work to play.

3. WASH 

While usually a secondary issue, denim washes are a way to dictate mood and personality. Try acid wash if you’re feeling a bit rebellious and downright casual. This color is reworked with pumice stones and shows light splotches of white as accents.

On the other hand, a dark wash is an all-in street sophisticate as it can run the range of casual, smart, and sleek. If you want a statement piece, light washed jeans are perfect and can be styled with deep hued tops and accessories.

Lastly, cop mid washed jeans for an everyday look. It undergoes a longer washing process, creating an indigo dyed color that is universal and just right for any day activity.

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