Dadcore: The New Fashion Trend We Can Thank Our Dads For

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Ever heard of Dadcore? It’s basically dressing up like your dad with oversized clothing and chunky footwear. You might not have noticed it but your closet probably has Dadcore basics you can easily mix and match. Let us walk you through the checklist so you can fully embrace the Dadcore aesthetic:

#1: You have a collection of casual tees

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You love these tops because they pair nicely with anything and you can wear them anywhere. This boxy tee from Penshoppe screams old school fashion with the classic stripes, muted colors and the logo stamp.


#2: What are skinny jeans? Baggy pants are the only ones for you!



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While everyone else confines with the usual pair of skinny jeans, you’re sitting comfortably in loose pants. In this heat, who needs skin-hugging clothing? You prefer the airy freedom of baggy jeans especially the ones from Pull & Bear. Best of all, with 90’s fashion making a comeback, you’re automatically on trend with these babies.


#3: The chunkier the sneakers, the better

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You know you can never go wrong with chunky sneakers–like Fila’s Ray Run kicks. Whether you’re in pants, shorts, a skirt, or even a dress, the pair ties any outfit together. This bold choice gives your look the ultimate Dadcore statement.

Shop Dadcore basics at Penshoppe, Pull & Bear, and Fila in SM Supermalls.

 Header Image Credit: @filaph | ig


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