Channel your fave childhood heroine with these cartoon-inspired outfits

Be your own live action version of your favorite cartoon character

Live action adaptations of famous animated characters are hit-or-miss affairs. It’s either applauded for staying loyal to the original like “Beauty and the Beast” or met with criticism for being too different from its source material due to genre changes or aging up the characters like “Riverdale.” 

Aside from the story itself, viewers also compare the live action visuals to the original animated version. The actors should resemble the animated characters closely enough to satisfy viewers, and this emphasizes the importance of styling in live action films and shows. 

If these adaptations have failed to impress, you might want to take matters into your own hands. Here are some iconic female animated characters you can easily bring to life with clothes from your very own closet.

Kim Possible

A stellar student, super sleuth and style icon all into one, Kim Possible is among the strong female characters we’ve long aspired to be. But despite all these amazing qualities, the heroine actually owns one of the easiest outfits to recreate. 

A cropped black turtleneck paired with khaki green cargo pants or trousers cinched by a loose brown belt at the waist is all you need for your outfit. Finish the look with gray gloves and black sneakers, which will make it easier for you to move around while saving the world a la Kim Possible.


We really won’t be surprised if cartoons like “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” suddenly get their own live action remake. Based on recent television shows, production teams seem to love slice-of-life stories with mystery, action and supernatural elements (*ahem* “Riverdale” *ahem* “Fate: The Winx Saga”). Mandy, Billy and the Grim Reaper’s comical story has all these, so we advise you to get ahead of the curve and make Mandy your style peg first.

Put a black headband over your side bangs to unleash your inner emo kid. Match this accessory with a pair of black strappy sandals and sharp and defined eyebrows—heavy eye makeup optional. Need a softer contrast to this otherwise dark look? Turn to baby pink dress.


Disney kids, place your bets on which film will get its live action remake next. We know that another villain story, “Cruella,” will be released this summer, while a spin on Peter Pan and Wendy’s story already began filming. Even 1997 fan fave “Hercules” is getting us excited. 

We’ve got high standards for whoever tries to fill in the shoes of the fierce and outspoken Megara. But before anyone takes the role, it’s easy to channel that yourself: first, tie your hair up in a high ponytail then slip into a spaghetti-strapped lilac dress. Wear gold sandals and accessories to complete the goddess-inspired look.

Ms. Frizzle

Hear us out: The eccentric Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” makes a cool and interesting heroine who’d make learning about science, nature and history even more fun.

We’ve heard that there’s a live action hybrid film in the works for the famous children’s book and animated series, but you can also wear a vibrant purple or blue dress with unique and colorful prints like school supplies, food or rainbows to recreate Ms. Frizzle’s look yourself. Don’t forget to wear pendant earrings shaped like planets or stars.

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