Glamming up who? Casual wear is our 2021 ultimate style staple

Staying home made us appreciate our track pants and oversized T-shirts even more

Since last year, our idea of dressing up while working from home has involved silk pajamas and stylish cardigans. Gone are the days when we need to carefully curate our OOTDs, and the closest thing to “going out ’fits” that we’ve actually worn are coords—in loungewear style, of course. 

Comfort over anything else is our current fashion mindset, and what else screams comfort more than casual wear? On days when we’re not required to turn on our cameras during Zoom meetings, you’d spot us in the simplest and most relaxed outfits you can think of. As an ode to our rediscovered appreciation for comfy clothing, here are four casual staples that dominate our daily OOTDs.

Cozy tops

Graphic T-shirts from Tribal

Trading blouses and button-downs for T-shirts is the easiest way to dress down any look. Bonus points if they’re loose-fitting or oversized, allowing us more room to move and space to breathe. We’re sure you’d find a couple of comfy pieces, like these graphic tees from Tribal, in your baes’ or older brothers’ closets.

T-shirts from Human

Since T-shirts are versatile pieces, you can wear them indoors with pambahay shorts or tuck them in pants or skirts for an instantly stylish outfit if you suddenly have to run an errand. Go for a minimalist look with neutral crewneck tees and denim bottoms or a bold and eye-catching style by experimenting with bright T-shirts and patterned cargo shorts like these pieces from Human.

T-shirt and sweater from DC

For colder days, replace your tee with a hoodie or sweater to keep you warm—or better yet, wear them together for a cozy layered outfit. Choose ones with the same design but in different colors, like these tops from DC.

Comfy bottoms

Track pants from OXGN

Goodbye skinny jeans and slacks—we’re all about track pants now. They’re breathable, less snug and often looser around the ankles, and like what athleisure showed us, it can be fashionable, too. OXGN has monochromatic pairs you can cop for easier mixing-and-matching, but you can also opt for designs that show a bit more personality. An example? This pair of track pants inspired by Luffy from “One Piece” for your inner anime enthusiast.

Drawstring deck shorts from Regatta

And since we’re talking about wardrobe items that radiate the ultimate “chilling at home” vibe, we can’t leave out the lightweight crowd favorite: shorts. Forget the zipped, or buttoned-up high-waisted ones; drawstring deck shorts like this pair from Regatta will make you see why we’re pushing for shorts supremacy when it comes to work-from-home fashion.

Breezy dresses

T-shirt dress from Regatta

Moms are the best people to pull fashion inspiration from. Remember when mom jeans became a huge trend? And while staying home, we’ve also realized that they were way ahead of everyone by wearing the godsent duster dress. You can stick to tradition by going for pieces with vivid prints and patterns, or try its more millennial relative: the plain yet chic T-shirt dress, like this one from Regatta.

Minimalistic accessories

Necklace from Unisilver and earrings from Aksesoriz

Having dressing up withdrawals? That’s perfectly normal if you’re used to wearing the finest dresses and crispest button-downs from your wardrobe. You can partly ease this yearning for a fancier look while still keeping it simple by incorporating minimalistic accessories like a pendant necklace from Unisilver or earrings from Aksesoriz in your outfit. 

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