Capsule Wardrobe: The Answer To Your Style Dilemma

We’re teaching you how to keep your mornings fuss-free with a Capsule Wardrobe, your very own edited selection of pieces that you’d be sure to wear this season!

“I have nothing to wear.”

If you’ve found yourself in this situation one too many times, and feel like you’re in constant state of fashion rut, don’t fret as we have the solution to mend your broken style.

The solution? A Capsule Wardrobe: a well-selected roster of pieces that will match each other to create one cohesive fashion story. It may sound intimidating but it’s quite easy – a lifesaver when your mornings get busy.

To help jumpstart your new and improved closet dynamics, we break down this year’s summer trends and curate a capsule wardrobe that will best tell your stylish summer!

The Process

Before we start with the clothes, we should give you the ABCs of creating this capsule wardrobe.

• Take a moment and think of your story. What’s the focal point of your wardrobe? This part of the process is vital. It determines the cohesiveness of each and every piece that you incorporate into your capsule wardrobe. Think it through and commit as you build it.

As for us, we’re keeping this one in the realms of trends we loved from the Spring Summer 2017 season.

• Create a color palette that will keep your looks in check. Second to the story, your chosen palette helps create a unified capsule wardrobe. Choose colors that will complement each other – this does not necessarily mean they come from a single shade or the same side of the color wheel. Think shades of blue, matched with blush, pink, and beige.

• Keep your lifestyle in mind when planning everything out. Are you in school, or maybe you’re working? Are you living in the city, or in a nice small island in the tropics? Maybe you’re sporty, or play towards street, you could also be extremely girly. It’s important to appropriate your capsule wardrobe to the life you live, and to the person that you are.

The Wardrobe

We’ve just given you a crash course, now it’s time to guide you through building that Spring Summer 2017 capsule wardrobe.  We went through this season’s plethora of trends and opted to edit it down (see what we did there!). Scroll on through to see how you could dress like a sartorially savvy girl of the 21stcentury!

Story: Spring Summer 2017 Trends

Color Palette:


Lifestyle:  The Spring Summer 2017 woman is well travelled, educated, worldly, and sartorially courageous. Her work takes her places, and allows her to dress stylishly smart. She spends her weekends lounging under the sun, with her equally stylish friends.


1.)   Statement Shirts

Your everyday blouse gets a lot more extra with puff sleeves and exaggerated ruffles. Get on it in solid hues, and crisp fabrics.

2.)   Banker Stripes

Everyone’s favorite office-appropriate print gets deconstructed and amplified into off-shoulder blouses, fancy button downs, and ruffle extravaganzas.

3.)   Yellow

The color yellow takes center stage, adding pops of color, irony, and humor to somewhat drab daywear.

4.)   Khaki

Worn as trousers, as midi-skirts, or even as light outerwear, good ol’ khaki goes from the halls of private schools to the sartorially savvy’s closet.

5.)   White Shirt Dresses

Keep it casual, keep it cool. White shirtdresses get a well-deserved comeback with variations like extra long sleeves, mandarin collars, and trendy details.

6.)   Strappy Shoes

From short block heels with strappy ankles, to pointed flats decorated with self-tied bows, this season’s go-to footwear is simple, clean, but full of character.

7.)   Fancy Chain Bags

A trend that began with Gucci, we take the fancy quilted chain bag, which used to be a classic night-out accessory –to the streets. Have it in supple leather, luscious velvet, bejeweled, or covered in patches, wear it the way you want to, just make sure it’s extra enough to stand out.

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