Can You Relate To These Shopping Scenarios?

Fun shopping trips are filled with cheap thrills and simple joys

A trip to the mall is fun when there’s shopping involved. You never know what you may chance upon. The universe will probably conspire to get you that splurge-worthy item tailored to perfectly fit your size or designed with your signature color in mind. If these shopping moments have already happened to you, it’s time to add ‘em to your Gratitude List.

When you score the last pair of those magnificent heels

You’re on the lookout for statement heels that can go well with your everyday outfits. You spot this impeccable Primadonna pair and rush to try it on. Will it look nice? But the moment you put it on, the pair looks like it was made for you. Clearly, there’s no need to overthink about making the purchase!

When you have all the time to try on the clothes you like

As you fill your basket with a variety of stylish items from SM Woman, you walk to the fitting room and discover there’s no line to delay your excitement. You finally have all the time in the world to do a fashion experiment from trying on that fierce pantsuit to a casual getup topped with an ultrachic kimono.

When there’s a new collection in town


Running out of #OOTD options? Check your IG feed for some inspos. One thing that will definitely catch your eye is ForMe ‘s #ForMeYouHadMeAtHello line. It strikes the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. The pink top and striped pants ensemble are sure must-haves. So what do you say? Head to the nearest SM Supermall now to get started.

All items are available at an SM Supermall near you!

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