Are You Ready For Your First Out of the Country Adventure?

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Your first out of the country trip is always so exciting with the thought of the many sights you’ll see and food you’ll taste. With this excitement, you might forget to bring a thing or two. We’ve rounded up the five travel essentials you must prepare for your trip.


  1. Documents
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Since you’re travelling overseas, you’ll need to present official documents for your visit. For a hassle-free trip, don’t forget to pack your passport, ticket, and identification cards. A portfolio envelope or clearbook from National Bookstore would help keep all of them organized in one place.


PRO TIP: It’s best to be prepared with an itinerary or travel guide you plan to follow. There are different travel tenants in the mall like Sky Quest Travel and  Tours, Tickets 2 Travel, and Travel Pros Inc. that are more than happy to help you plan and book your day-to-day activities.

2. Toiletries

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Toiletries are very essential no matter where you go. Make sure that your soaps, shampoos, and other personal necessities are with you on your trip. The Body Shop has a wide range of bath and shower care products that also come in small sizes perfect for travelling. So as not to forget any of them, it’s best to have an SM Accessories pouch for everything to be in one place.


3. Luggage and Bags

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Make sure you get a sturdy luggage and bags that can keep your items secure wherever you go. The Travel Club has many options of different designs and colors for you to choose from. They have trusted brands such as Delsey, Travelon, and World Traveller that are of the highest quality.


4. Universal Adaptors

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You might get shocked that your usual plugs for your devices won’t work in other countries. Come prepared with a universal adaptor from Ace Hardware. Having one in your bag wouldn’t take up much space and it would charge up your gadgets when you need them.


PRO-TIP: Some electronic devices use voltage frequencies that may not be suitable for the sockets in your room. Check their compatibility first to prevent any accidents.


5. Earphones

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For those long queues and layovers that you’ll encounter in your travels, a pair of earphones can be very convenient. Never ever leave home without it in your bag. Sony provides great earphones with different styles and capabilities. Make sure you have this before you embark on your journey.


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