A Unique Way Of Saying I Love You This Valentines

If you have the mushy Valentines feels already, these e-cards are for you. ( also, ♥ PROMO alert! ♥ )

There must be a reason that people love clichés, especially on Valentines. But what is it about Feb 14 that makes you want to fall in love, with a girl, with a boy, or with love? Is it the expectation to make the day extra romantic? Is it the collective mentality that tells you to have a candle lit dinner “somewhere special”? Or maybe, quite simply, it’s just a day that gives you license to be the cheesy person that you truly are?

Whatever the reason, you deserve to show your warm, mushy feels however you choose. So go ahead and express yourself with flowers and chocolates. Go for grand romcom-esque gestures. Whisper sweet nothings. Try your hand at poetry. And if you can’t find the words, we’ve got you covered—because nothing says “I love you” like these e-cards. Literally.




Download. Share. Read and reread with eyes of love.

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♥ Happy Valentines! ♥

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