6 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Fashion Style

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In fashion, there is no definite formula to achieve the perfect look. But with an imaginative mind, you can create a fab ensemble even with the simple garments you regularly wear.

Let these fashion tips and outfit transformations guide and inspire you in stepping up your style.

1. Upgrade the Daily Tee-and-Jeans Outfit

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A white cotton tee and a pair of blue jeans not only make a classic casual get-up, but also a fine base for a hip outfit. Just wear a button-up shirt over the tee or a light jacket, and you get an easy 3-piece ensemble with a cool, carefree vibe.

You can try on trendy utility, flannel, and cotton shirts at H&M to get a feel of the look, and while you’re at it, throw in a beret, a beanie, or a pair of kicks to complete the guise. Pro tip: wear shoes with the same color as your top for a nice touch.

2. Color-Blocking With Casual Clothing

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Mixing and matching encourages you to experiment with opposing colors to create exciting looks.

For a quick start, try pairing your favorite blue jeans with a top in a bold, contrasting color. Complete your look with colorful accessories, and you’re ready to make a big impression at school or on a date!

Penshoppe is a great place to buy casual clothes if you wish to spruce up your wardrobe and get started with color-blocking.

3. From Smart Casual to Business Casual

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For the guys, upgrading to business casual may require you to invest in a new set of apparel, if you don’t have the essentials. The good news is that you can use some of your go-to pieces like polo shirts, to get started. Simply wear your shirt with a pair of chinos or wool trousers and you quickly have a more professional ensemble.

You may add jumpers or cardigans to your outfit for more personality. For footwear, a pair of loafers can give a touch of comfort to your overall look. You can find superb trousers, ties, and jumpers at Topman.

4. Style a New Look With Your Favorite Dress

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No matter how beautiful a dress may be, it tends to lose its charm after repeated use. But with some fun styling, you can create an entirely new look out of your favorite dress and fall in love with it all over again.

The latest fashion trends suggest pairing flowy dresses with jackets and chunky footwear like ankle boots. These are three very unlikely pieces of clothing that, when combined, create an edgy femme look.

Check out Bershka today for remarkable options in styling your favorite dress.

5. All Linen for the Summer

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Linen shirts make excellent business casual tops during the summer season. But what you may not realize is that they also make for elegant, yet laid-back travel attire.

Pair your linen shirt with Mango’s cotton linen trousers/shorts, leather sandals, and clip-on lens sunglasses, and you get a sophisticated ensemble you can wear on a luxurious summer getaway. Whether you’re strolling down the local market, visiting popular tourist spots, or lounging at the beach, such look won’t fail you in style nor comfort.

6. Knitwear Rediscovered

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Many fail to see its versatility that makes it a worthy addition to any modish piece of clothing. Combine a cream oversized knitted top with a pair of orange wool flared trousers and you have a fashionable ensemble fit for a magazine cover.

Don’t just match knitwear with jeans. Try pairing knits with something in-season, like a plaid skirt, and see how it magically becomes hip again. If you fancy on-trend knitwear and interesting pieces to pair it with, Zara is the shop to visit.

There is so much you can do when it comes to fashion. All you need is an open mind to explore various possibilities. For more fashion inspirations and items to help you get started in transforming your everyday looks, read our other style guide articles on SM ShopMag!


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