5 International Celebs Who are Slaying the Denim Look

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Denim has been around for so long that it gets overlooked and reduced to just jeans and other bottoms.

We took to Instagram to check out how denim is being worn these days, and by international sensations, no less. Read on and you might pick up a thing or two on how to rock that denim.


Justin Timberlake in Levi’s

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The Mickey Mouse Club graduate-turned-pop superstar dons a dark denim trucker jacket from Levi’s. It gives any outfit that extra oomph without looking overdone. To get Justin’s relaxed and casual denim look, you can wear this dark trucker jacket on top of a denim button-down shirt in a lighter shade—Justin prefers his in a floral pattern.


Sandara Park in Penshoppe

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Sandara brings the distinct KPop style into whatever she wears, and this denim pullover dress from Penshoppe isn’t any different.

She shows how denim could be the perfect extra layer that your otherwise simple black dress would need. You’d be surprised how incredibly easy it is to pair denim with almost every color imaginable. Look effortlessly cute like a KPop star by layering a denim jumper over any shirt or dress.


Jennifer Lopez in Guess

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Jennifer Lopez, or J.Lo to those in the know, has been such a cultural icon for a while now. Like a proper diva, she keeps reinventing herself and stepping up her fashion game. This time in a Guess jacket, she shows us a playful way of wearing denim.

This specific piece from Guess has a pop art print on the back, making an oversized bleached denim jacket look even more interesting. J.Lo pairs it with grey leggings, but you could also wear white jeggings and get a similar look.


Troye Sivan in Calvin Klein

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From being a YouTube vlogger to international pop icon, Troye Sivan has been unafraid of making fashion statements. He has a playful and youthful look about him all the time—his baby face considered—and it reflects in his choice of clothes.

He puts on a dark Calvin Klein denim jacket with bold orange print. This is a statement jacket and would automatically be the highlight piece of any outfit. Take the jacket away and it would just be any plain old outfit. Be inspired by Troye and step out in a Calvin Klein statement jacket.


Noah Centineo in Bench

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Noah Centineo’s boy next door look is elevated by topping it off with this Bench denim piece with a stripe running through each sleeve. Seeing as this is a fairly simple look, you can experiment with different inner shirts.

The best thing about this Bench jacket is that you can wear it on an everyday basis. Noah Centineo shows us that a denim jacket could be part of the basics.


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