Halloween – the much-awaited season to serve up some looks is finally here. And we’ve got some of the most iconic characters you can try out for all your upcoming parties!

1. Wednesday Addams

You know her as one of the famous figures from cult classic, The Addams Family. With that grim stare that has launched a thousand scares, sadistic tendencies, a dark soul, and an all-black color palette to match, what’s not to love about Wednesday Friday Addams?

Achieve the look: Pile on BYX Special FX White Liquid Foundation or BYX Special FX White Powder Foundation to instantly score this effect. These foundation types are usually used as a base for character makeup, but this will make you score Wednesday’s most notable feature – her pale skin, devoid of glow.

2. Carrie White

“If you’ve got a taste for terror, take Carrie to the prom”, the original film poster from the 1974 hit reads. This is what happens when you mess with a girl like Carrie White. All hell will break lose, mind you. Goodbye shy outcast girl, hello frightening telekinesis powers.

Achieve the look: What better way to raise hell than to recreate the iconic bloodbath prom scene. BYS Special FX Liquid Blood and BYS Special FX Thick Clotted Blood helps you achieve this by creating realistically colored blood that lasts.

3. Mia Wallace

If you want to cop a look that leans more towards the comfortably stylish side of things, but still a masterpiece all the same—go for resident bad gal Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace. Get ready to turn some heads and slay.

Achieve the look: Throw on a wig and prepare for a full-on sultry stare. Amp up the drama and paint your nails a dark red the night before with BYS Special FX Nail Polish. Then, complete the vipress look with BYS Special FX Lipsticks.

4. Mystique

The lady in blue is a femme fatale that you can’t beat. Ranked as one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, Mystique can shapeshift to just about anyone with scary precision.

Achieve the look: Feel like a feisty supervillain for a night with Mystique’s signature blue skin. Ace her vibe with BYS Special FX Face Paint in tow. Their creamy intense color pigments are versatile and can be used to create endless looks.

5. The Corpse Bride

Director Tim Burton has a signature mystical eerie atmosphere in all his works, and 2005’s The Corpse Bride is no different. Since its theatrical release, Emily a.k.a the corpse bride who tried to win Victor Van Dort’s heart, has inspired one of the spookiest get-ups for fright night.

Achieve the look: Win the night with an all-out interpretation of the corpse bride. Dab on BYS Special FX Color Wheel to create makeshift bruises and craft that ghastly look. Add the BYS Special FX Scar Wax to accomplish 3D skin effects. Finally, pat on BYS Special FX Dirt Powder for good measure.

BYS Special FX makeup line is available in all The SM Stores now.

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