5 e-girl hairstyles to complete our edgy aesthetic

Are you brave enough to pull off these e-girl hairstyles?

Okay, first things first: What the heck is an e-girl? The term is a shortened version of “electronic girl,” referring to a subculture created by the internet generation. It was formerly used by misogynistic males to mock female gamers, but empowered Gen Z women have led e-girls to reclaim the name and turn it into something with a more positive meaning. Now, e-girls are seen as an aesthetic of modern rebels with a touch of punk, scene and kawaii elements. A new wave of hippies, some would even say.

Visually, e-girls are often associated with winged eyeliner, quirky makeup, grunge or thrifted outfits, bold accessories and colorful and edgy hairstyles. We’d like to dwell on the hairstyles, as they carry a good chunk of the signature e-girl aesthetic. Instead of simply being eye-catching, what’s actually important about e-girl hairstyles is the element of fun. It’s supposed to mirror the adventurous and “can’t be tamed” vibe, and here are some ideas you can start with if you’re brave enough to try the e-girl look.

Split-colored hair

One of the trademark e-girl hairstyles is the split-colored hair, and yes, you may take its name literally. To achieve this take on the two-toned trend, you have to part your hair along the center and dye each half a different hue. 

Black and blonde make up the most popular color pair among e-girls, but any shade duo that starkly contrasts with each other will do. Orange with blue, purple with pink and black with pink are some that we can name from the top of our head. You can even try 2021’s Pantone colors ultimate gray and illuminating yellow for a timely look.

Neon ’dos

Forget the muted tones; e-girls go for bright and eye-catching hues that you can spot even from miles afar. Lime green, hot pink and electric blue are some of the shades that you’d want to try as they leave no room for subtlety and mimic the eccentricity of the e-girl personality.

Bangs and bob

E-girl styling is inspired by the ’90s and early 2000s, so we can definitely see why the bangs and bob combo are making a comeback in this youth subculture scene. The usual looks you’d see them cop are feathered or center-parted bangs in a perfect puff, as if they just came out of being tied in hair rollers.

Face-framing streaks

Bleached bangs are definitely a huge thing in the community, but let’s talk about a similar trend: colored streaks that decorate the front section of your hair. Face-framing e-girl streaks can be achieved by applying chunky highlights of contrasting colors to a portion of your hair closest to your face. Aside from letting your mane hang loose, you can also braid or plait the colored streaks for an instant glam hair ’do. 

Dyed roots

Ombrés are so yesterday—at least, for e-girls. What’s trendy for this internet subculture is the hairstyle’s complete opposite: instead of the tips, the color is concentrated at the topmost portion of your hair. Billie Eilish showed us how this dyed roots trend is done with her scene-stealing neon green ’do last year when she walked (and won) the Grammys.

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