4 Types Of Power Dressing

How contemporary women dress for success

1. Market Research Analysts

These data-driven career women are made to be seen, making presentable, fashion-forward outfits a perfect fit for their careers

Style: Statement reds combined with business casual wear

Girl on Left: Barette & Earrings, AKSESORIZ; Top, BAYO; Cigarette Pants, PENSHOPPE; Ironic Iconic Eyeglasses, VERONA OPTICAL
Girl on Center: Calvin Klein Frame, IDEAL VISION CENTER; Blazer, PLAINS & PRINTS; Striped Top, JEWELS; Cigarette Pants, UNICA
Girl on Right: Denim Jacket, BENCH; Swimsuit (worn as top), HERBENCH; Pencil Skirt, GENEVIEVE GOZUM


2. Software Developer

Tech-savvy women tasked with application and website creation, these ladies need innovation to also reflect in their outfits

Style: Modern day geeks in color-blocked garb accented by stripes and plaid

Girl on Left: Striped Top, LINK; Plaid Jacket, HUMAN; Button Down Denim Skirt, KAMISETA; Hoop Earrings, HEARTS & ARROWS
Girl on Right: Turtleneck Sweater, GIORDANO; Striped Shorts, FOLDED & HUNG; Eyeglasses, GEORGE OPTICAL


3. Art Curator

Women with an eye for depth and aesthetic need the same level of edgy sophistication in the art they wear

Style: Neon streetwear working together with pastel business attire

On the girl: Mini Crossbody Bag, MARITHÉ + FRANÇOIS GIRBAUD; Windbreaker, HUMAN; White Cowl Neck Camisole, KARIMADON; Hoop Earrings, HEARTS & ARROWS


4. Retail Manager 

Working in style requires style. These multi-taskers run the daily operations of retails—from sales to stocks—while looking as stylish as ever

Style: Structured and corporate, electrified with

On the girl: Tube Top, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE; Culottes, SHAPES; EO Snwear, EXECUTIVE OPTICAL; Block Heels, PRIMADONNA

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