4 Tips And Tricks To Make That Valentine’s Date Perfect

February is the time of the year when roses look more red than usual, the smell of chocolates waft in the air, and we find the courage to ask that special one out for a date. For some, this is another occasion in their couple calendar. While for some, this means going out on the first date of what possibly could be the start of their love story. This is why first dates require preparation. You’ll never know what possibilities it could lead to. So if you’re going on your first date, it’s normal to feel a little bit of a panic because there are so many things to be considered. Don’t worry, we got you on this.


1. What to wear

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s always better to put your best face forward but don’t forget to put comfort over style. For the women out there, a fool-proof first date look would be a dress which you can style up or down with the accessories you like. For men, stick to well-fitting pants and a shirt that would look great with a bomber jacket or a blazer – a perfect combination of style and comfort.

For her: Forever21 Striped Midi Dress
For him: Bench Houndstooth Polo Shirt


2. Choose the right perfume

Scents can tell so much about you. Scents can also leave a lasting impression or memory on you. Choose a fragrance that stays on you throughout the day. Also, remember not to wear too much just to make a good impression. Spritz sparingly!

For her: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey
For him: Kenzo Home Eau De Parfum


3. Where to eat

A good date is always highlighted by good food. If you’re trying to surprise your date, pick a restaurant that has a lot of options to accommodate any food restrictions the person might have. If you two are the plan-ahead-of-time type, try something that the two of you will enjoy. Check if you have to call in for a reservation coz restos can come in busy at this day or month. Another important thing to consider: the overall atmosphere. Pick a place where it’s easy to talk to each other and you feel at ease. An easy pick would be Le Petite Souffle since they have delicious Japanese-French fusion food and a great list of desserts. You can also go to Prego Tratorria for casual Italian dining. If you are both into trying different cuisines, The Food Hall by Todd English is perfect for foodie couples. Just don’t eat too much and save some room for dessert!


4. What to do next

A good date doesn’t just mean eating out together. It involves a fun activity that can bring you closer together. You challenge each other to a game of bowling at SM Bowling or try your hand at archery by going to Arrowland. You can also try skating at SM Skating, or if not, enjoy a ride or two by the bay at SM Mall of Asia.


Dates are exciting to plan and much more enjoyable to do especially if you both have a great time getting to know each other. It doesn’t have to be grand nor expensive; it should come from a good intention. Why not plan ahead and go to the nearest SM Supermalls for different date ideas you can choose from.

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