3 Truths Your Guy Friends Need To Understand

Let’s set the record straight.

You’re one of the boys. Contrary to what other people think, nothing romantic is going on.  You just share a bond so tight with your guy friends, you can pass as siblings. But as all relationships work, there are differences still to be settled. Guy-girl friendships need some ironing out. If you get to take your guy friends inside the female mind, prepare to move the conversation.

Guy friends wonder why you instantly get annoyed. Present them with PMS facts. Most women encounter PMS a week or two before Aunt Flo’s visit. The crankiness is associated with low levels of happy chemicals (a.k.a. serotonin) and high levels of stress-induced chemicals. When they see you hogging over a Pizza Hut meal, tell them food cravings also come with your PMS. It’s just the way the female body works. You have every right to acknowledge what you’re feeling.

When out and about, dudes fit stuff they need in their back pockets. They feel foreign to the complexities of holding a purse. Guy friends would ask why women need to change from one purse to another, why a small bag can be so heavy, or why carry a purse to begin with. It’s about time you give them an introductory course on purses. First things first, a purse carries a woman’s bare necessities—phone, wallet, keys, makeup go-tos and even an emergency kit. A purse is like a trusty best friend a woman can count on wherever she goes. Purses come in different styles (Check out the ones at Stradivarius!) and women can splurge on as many purses as they please. Your purse has to match an outfit or an occasion because fashion says so.

We have different ways to unwind. It just so happens that shopping with an SM Advantage Card is your preferred activity. You like getting lost in a sea of stylish clothes or fancy skincare goodies. Nothing beats rewarding yourself with the season’s must-haves after a stressful work week. If shopping makes you happy, the dudes just need to support you on that. After all, that’s what friends are for.

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