3 Topics That Should Stop Being Taboo For Women

Being a woman can be challenging only if you always care about what society thinks. Be fearless and start celebrating your femininity the way you want to. Here are some taboo questions that need to be addressed once and for all:

1. Is it okay not to wear a bra?

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Yes, especially if it’s as uncomfy as the underwire type. We totally get you. You don’t need to go through the uneasiness once you’ve shopped for the ever reliable Bench nipple tapes and silicone bras or Uniqlo’s barely-there wireless bras.


2. Do I really need to be hair-free down there?

It really depends on how you want to tend to your garden. With summer coming up, some women prefer to get Brazilian and bikini waxes at Lay Bare. Others trim on their own or just go au naturale. Going hair-free or not is a matter of preference. There’s no right or wrong here.


3. Am I wearing too much makeup?

So what? As long as you feel good about yourself, just go with that look! Makeup involves a lot of experiment. You’re free to try out as many brands as you please— from local ones like Happy Skin and BLK to global beauty labels like NARS and MAC—until you find the essentials that let your beauty stand out.

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