How YOU Can Win At These 3 Awkward Situations

Turn awkward into awesome!

We’ve been there, done that. Now it’s time we help you overcome any awkward situation in style. There’s YOU by Skechers collection reminding you that YOU got this!

1. When you’re stuck in a small talk at a party

The squad is out for some drinks and live music! You’re having a great time—not until a client from work shows up! She says “Hi!” and does the small talk. Don’t let this convo ruin your night. Take control of the situation and excuse yourself with ease. Say you need to make a call or need to go to the restroom. After all, you have the flexible YOU by Skechers Movement sneakers on. It won’t feel like you stormed out of the room.

2. When you run into your ex out of the blue

On a bright Sunday morning, you go out for a leisurely stroll then someone from the past heads to your direction. Whether or not it’s the first time you’d see each other after the break up, keep your head high and walk like an independent woman wearing YOU by Skechers Transcend shoes.  It’s light and comfy on the feet. Walking away from your ex would feel like a breeze.

3. When you’re wearing the same outfit as your co-workers

It’s another working day and a plot twist awaits. You spot colleagues wearing the same shirt as you. Last time you checked, you aren’t required to wear uniforms. While it may seem like a fashion boo-boo, your stylish YOU by Skechers Serene shoes are still a knockout. You’re still an OOTD winner so just laugh the scenario off and even take a groufie for the ‘Gram.

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