Don’t date your ’fit—there are some things worth keeping around

You may not know it, but there’s a keeper somewhere in your wardrobe

The year 2020 has come and gone, and now the first thing you’re probably thinking of doing is reward yourself for making it through—we are all for that. Near the top of your to-do checklist though might be figuring out which of the closet-fillers currently taking up much-needed wardrobe space might be worth donating to those in need, or relegated to storage.

It’s not just that 2020 had most of us stuck at home with no real way to flaunt our lewks outside of the ‘gram, at least not entirely. Some of these trends have endured for decades, and you can bet your galoshes that it’ll take more than a pandemic to put them down.

… Speaking of galoshes:


They’re slept on, but you’d be hard pressed to find something as versatile or as essential when the weather turns weepy. Technically “galoshes” (or “rain boots”) is a catchall term for an overshoe you slip on to keep your feet and the shoes you love from eating mud during typhoon season. 

Granny glasses

Of course we’re bringing these lovely frames in for an encore. It’s not just nostalgia or the fact that they’re excellent at drawing attention away from eyebags or crows feet—they just look that good. The oversized frames give you a wide field of view and the unafraid design cues are confident; confidence never goes out of fashion.

the Sunnies Studios Lera in Dark Tort brings out your inner vixen


No I haven’t forgotten how to spell “cords;” I’m talking about full sets meant to go together. Why let someone else dictate that much of your ’fit, you might be asking yourself at this point? It’s because painting on a blank canvas is easier, and the keyed-in designs of many of these leave a lot of room for creative input, be it by mixing things up or bedecking yourself in accessories

Boyfriend wear

Whether you’re “borrowing” his blazer or that band tee he’s had since high school, there’s nothing quite like flaunting how you can pull off his aesthetic as well as he can, or better even. Why not make a game of it?

His and her favourite Daniel Hechter Basic Slim Fit Suit with Welt Pocket. 

Luxe loungewear

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate one of the few good things about the previous year: the entire year has proved that people can go out looking hawt without feeling hot; suffering for fashion is so last century. Just wear whatever you have that’s comfy, make sure you’re decent and have everything you need, then you’re off to the races and runway.

Printed shirt dress from Mango, suitable for both bedroom and boardroom. 

Oh, and don’t forget to mask up!

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