Everyone wears co-ords these days—so should we

It can save the day, especially when we’re not in the mood to put together an outfit

We get it, you love dressing up so much you usually prepare your OOTD the night before. But we bet there’s at least one time when you felt too laid-back to put any effort into your outfit, so you just threw on some random statement shirt, a pair of denim jeans you hadn’t washed for God knows how long, and mismatched sneakers.

And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that ’fit. But for some reason, that look leaves you feeling the least confident about yourself. So now you’re here, hoping to pick a trick or two on how to dress up without snatching some time from your sleep schedule.

Ever heard of co-ords? Think suits but comfier—more casual. And they’re going to save you for the next few years (or decades) of dressing up.

They require little to no styling

Co-ords already come in pairs (duh!) so you won’t really have to fuss about styling. You won’t need to deep dive into your closet anymore, trying to look for good clothing combinations. Plus, they usually look good with whatever footwear—sneakers, heels or boots. They’re that versatile. 

Ribbed tank top and skirt from ForMe

Now if you still feel a tad bare, maybe wear some minimalist accessories or bold eye makeup to complete the look.

They provide comfort

Admit it, most of your “best” ’fits are… not so comfy. They’re either too tight or too short for your liking. There were probably even times when you couldn’t move freely (#NeverAgain).

Textured knit tee and pull-up trousers from ForMe

But with co-ords, comfort is just as important as aesthetic. They can even pass as loungewear, no kidding!

You can wear them separately

REFORME twill blazer and high-waist shorts

If a time comes when you feel like you’ve already worn a particular co-ord set sooo many times, partner it up with other pieces in your closet. Wear a turtleneck with the bottom half of your co-ord today and people won’t know it’s actually meant for the vest you wore last week.

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