Collect those old photos, we’re making a classic photo album

Believe it or not, our iconic baby photos need to be compiled in a book

Over the course of quarantine, people have taken up various hobbies and interests that they normally wouldn’t have been into before the pandemic. There’s baking, gardening, reading, gaming, crocheting, painting, binge-watching and redecorating. I recently took up an interest in journaling and have also been trying to stay on top of my age-old reading list. While some people are finding it difficult to do anything during this period of global unrest, that doesn’t mean they don’t try. 

Staying creative during quarantine has helped a lot of people overcome the stress brought about by the pandemic. If you’ve run out of quarantine projects over the past nine months, then maybe it’s time to explore creating a photo album next. 

Go back to those good ol’ days 

nostalgic photo

I’m a sucker for the past. Nope, I’m not talking about my love life. I just love looking back on fun days that shaped my childhood: from the photos of my first out-of-school trip to my first bike ride sans training wheels and to the fluffy gown I wore to senior prom. A photo album is a perfect opportunity to get nostalgic and reminisce about those better days. If you’re feeling a little bit down from the events of this year (honestly who isn’t?), looking back on all the good stuff can make you feel better and more hopeful for days to come. After all, looking back on the meaningful life you’ve lived can inspire you to create more meaningful memories.

Stay creative

You might not be much of an artist or a graphic designer but we’re sure you remember all those grade school scrapbooking projects and won’t let those lessons go to waste. This is the time to use those colorful pens you bought online and to bring out those stickers you’ve been too afraid to stick anywhere. Collating all your photos isn’t enough, you have to express through designs and stamps, and maybe even a hand-written account,  the memory that the picture depicts. You can also devise your own system of organization within the photo album. Do you want to chronicle your glow up throughout the years? Or go with a travel theme in memory of the vacations from years past? Better yet, why not go from the most cringeworthy photo for your opener; that’s a real challenge in creative design.

Keep yourself busy 

Quarantine can seem endless and repetitive but keeping yourself busy can change that. If you haven’t made a photo album in years (because hey, Instagram and Facebook already exist) then it’s going to take a long time for you to sort through the photos you already have. Working on a photo album can also give you time off from work or your studies and allow you to do things that can relax you. It can also become a family endeavor, something to laugh about and work on together if you’re feeling like you’re lacking in social interaction. At the end of the day, working on a photo album can become a relaxing quarantine project, especially when you’ve already binged on all your favorite shows and baked everything that your stomach desires.

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