Why there is room for both cars and bikes on the road

Do you roll with two wheels or four?

While we’re spending more time than ever on Zoom, social media, YouTube, TikTok, and basically any other online platform you‘d care to name off the top of your head, it goes without saying that none of these is a  proper substitute for hanging out in person with the people we hold dear. 

But as much as going out to meet friends and relatives can be immensely fun and heartwarming, there are times (like now) when you don’t really want to risk being exposed to the virus while riding the MRT, meaning you’re either stuck walking or looking for other ways to get around safely. 

Motorbikes easily come to mind, given that they’re  much more affordable and easier to maintain than cars. Bikes=badass is just about as firmly ingrained in the great book of tropes as superheroes wearing their underwear outside their pants. 

Perhaps that wasn’t the mental image we needed, but it does prove that adding bikes to the equation is enough to make superheroes supercool. Case in point:

Still, that doesn’t mean that a bike is the de facto recommendation for every single use case. Maybe you value comfort and security over speed and being able to >squish< down narrow gaps to cut through your Waze estimate. If that’s how you roll (pun unavoidable) then hey, maybe cars really are your ride or die. You’re spoiled for choice, but with the economy the way it is you want something that just works, doesn’t cost as much as your house, and gives you everything you could want out of four wheels:

The Nissan Almera brings comfort, ergonomics, and pure function for the thoughtful driver. 

Whatever the case, before you get your wheels, always make sure that you’ve got your papers in order and that the vehicle’s registration is properly sorted. 

As much of a pain as that can be, this is not a step you want to skip. It’s not just that it’s against the law to do so, there’s also the little matter of the protection that  doing so affords you. So make sure to visit the LTO office as all that trouble will be worth it.  

And lastly, don’t think that you’ll be skimping on footwear just because you won’t be doing as much walking—wearing footwear that isn’t designed to take the strain of operating hundreds or even thousands of kilograms in steel and assorted other materials is an invitation to  disaster. 

The Dr. Kong Orthoknit Women’s Sneakers are built to take punishment while keeping your feet cool and comfortable at all times. 

The same goes for the clothes you wear. It doesn’t matter if you’re Bilbo off the Shire the very first time or just going for a supply run like you’re  in some post-apocalyptic landscape; when you’re travelling, you want clothes that you can rely on to stand the wear and tear they’re bound to run into. 

The Spyder Prospect which comes in seven colors and five sizes

And when you get where you need to, please do remember to keep safe. Nowadays the open road isn’t the only place where you run the risk of running into something unexpected, so make sure you’re taking all reasonable precautions. Things have changed a fair bit recently, after all. 

Motoworld’s SMK Dr. Shield Retractable Face Shield

Remember the rules of the road, and happy travels!

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