LIST: One-of-a-kind V-Day date ideas

Any date is a perfect date with the right person

Hey there, lovestruck readers! Seems like the new normal still needs a lot of getting used to. Still don’t have plans this coming Valentine’s Day? Better think fast as it’s fast approaching. But don’t you worry ’cause I’ve got a few atypical Valentine’s date suggestions  to go with our unorthodox new normal:

Camp outside your house

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With the virus still out there, going out is still risky business. Why not camp around your house? Be it your front yard, backyard, or even your living area, you can still enjoy the fun of camping. Get all your camping gear and supplies out and just immerse yourself in the experience. Set the mood with some good music and indulge yourselves with campfire-worthy finger food. Step it up a notch with some fondue for that romantic ambience. Make sure you’ve got all your gadgets charged and prepare enough adaptors to avoid any interruption to the mood you’re trying to create.

Go on a secluded adventure

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Should you really go out, I suggest doing an activity that requires a lot of moving and limited interactions such as biking. Take a stroll with your partner and enjoy each other’s company  without having to be so close to each other. Aim for low risk areas with little chance  of  bumping into other people such as your kamag-anak’s private farm in the province. Take long scenic roads for that romantic feeling and discover hidden gems along your secluded path. Don’t forget to plan ahead and coordinate your outfits so you can take some cute couple photos along the way to commemorate your quarantine Valentine’s date. If biking is not for you, why not try hiking. I can guarantee that the chances of you bumping into other people on a climb is much lower than any other date activity. Stunning scenery and deep conversations are a great way to spend your isolated date. You might want to think about picnic plans to get the most of the hike and view.

Raise the heat and work out together

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Nothing’s better than a relationship that brings out the best in you. Keep that grind going and feel good together by getting those endorphins pumping. Health is wealth so keep each other’s health in check for more years together. Your partner probably thinks this is some normal exercise day then BOOM! Surprise your SO with GNC’s Lean Shake to keep them motivated for future workouts. Might I suggest putting the workout goodies in a bouquet for that Instagram-worthy gushing? Indulge without guilt with these sweet treats before sharing a hearty post-workout meal together

Go on a road trip or catch a movie at a drive-in cinema

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If staying at home has officially taken its toll on you and your partner, then a mini road trip is a great way to combat that cabin fever. Stuck in the confines of your car, you can spend your Valentine’s date immersing into each other’s company with  conversations that help you get  to know each other all over again.

Indulge in each others’ interests

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We’re all about inclusivity here. Stay at home or go out; dress up or dress down; plan an activity or just chill out. Any Valentine’s Day plan is a good plan if it’s made with the other person in mind. Indulge in each other’s interest and just enjoy each other’s  company. Learn some TikTok dances, team up in your favorite online game, or learn a hobby through online classes together. Sometimes the best of plans are those that don’t require much planning or equipment at all. Candid dates have their charm, too! Go with the flow and just indulge in whatever you two are feeling at the moment. You may count the number of walls in your house but you can’t count all the activities you can do at home.

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