The Ultimate Shopping Itinerary For The DIY Aficionado

When it comes to giving presents, it pays when they come from the heart—and that sentiment is best expressed when you make the present yourself.

If you’re into DIY and crafting, then Christmas is the time for you to shine. Not only can you create specific things that are exactly what your loved ones need, you’ll also be de-stressing and maybe even having fun as you really get into your crafting groove. In fact, why not turn it into a bonding activity by inviting friends who are equally passionate about DIY?

With Christmas Day just a few weeks away, you’d need to stock up on your craft supplies and get your projects going. Here are just the places you need to hit up.

Deovir Arts

For highly specialized crafts, this is where you need to go. You can find special paints, gold leaves, and various cutting tools along with other essentials for block painting. There’s surely no hobby of yours that wouldn’t find something useful in here.



Love paper-based crafts? This Filipino brand is perfect for you, as it gives so much premium to handmade objects and novelties. Every piece carries Papemelroti’s vision, which is to “encourage, uplift, and inspire as well as bring warmth and beauty to homes.”


National Book Store

An old time, school time favorite, National Book Store is ever reliable when you need supplies for your crafts. You can source books here to instruct you on how to do your projects, as well as all the beads, threads, and appliqués you’ll need. Don’t forget to pick up some tools like cutters and glue gun too.


Fully Booked

Cute stamp sets, novelty items, and DIY manuals can be found in this reading crafter’s haven. If you need some inspiration, a cute find from this bookstore will surely spur your imagination.

For more aweSM finds, visit an SM Supermall near you!

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