The non-stressful guide to planning a quarantine wedding

No need to turn into groomzilla and bridezilla #Zoomzilla

Couples all over the world have postponed their weddings due to the pandemic. A Bridebook study from April estimated that around 12 million weddings worldwide would be affected. Meanwhile, some couples have decided to push through with their plans with the help of Zoom.

As you might’ve seen on social media or the news, Zoom weddings are either fully virtual—both the couple and priest doing the ceremony via video call—or partial where only the immediate family and the priest are allowed in the venue while friends watch from their homes. If you’re planning your own, here are surefire ways to prevent a Zoomzilla moment.

Prepare the rings

Dress and suit? Check. Guest list? Check. Entourage? Check. Don’t forget the most important part of the wedding: the rings! 

Diagold Keris Wedding Ring: These 14-karat rings are made-to-order. Give Diagold two to three weeks to have them ready for you.

If you haven’t chosen one, don’t fret because you have several options. You can go for 14-karat gold rings from Diagold, which are studded  with diamonds.

Odysseus Suarez NMD3 Wedding Rings: Thick wedding rings from Odysseus Suarez that are made from silver and bedazzled with diamonds.

For silver rings, Odysseus Suarez has you covered. These also have diamonds on them.

Suarez and Sons Wedding Code 21: No stones and fancy designs, these minimalist Suarez and Sons rings come in gold and silver.

If you can’t decide between gold and silver, get both at Suarez and Sons, where they sell dainty wedding rings.

Remember this moment

Instax Square SQ6: Keep your love in photographs (hello, Ed Sheeran) with this 1:1 square format Instax. Get it on sale at Wonder Photo Shop.

It’s understandable if you’re not hiring an official photographer this time. We suggest getting an Instax camera and extra film so you can do impromptu photo shoots after the ceremony, or ask a family member to take photos while you’re reciting your vows.

Center the Lord’s teachings in your union

“HeartLines” by Fr. Jeffrey S. Segovia: A book that talks about one’s connection with God and some teachings about love. Available at St. Pauls

For religious couples, prepare yourselves further by reading this inspirational book about Jesus’ teachings about love.

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