Running out of creative juice? Photos and music can help

Finally, singing at the top of my lungs isn't just for my shower concerts

Creatives, I can feel your agony. Being innovative and artistic are our best and most important traits, but the occasional creative slump that we experience show us that these skills aren’t always on call. Burnout and lack of inspiration can easily give you a mental block and leave you in a state of “no thoughts, head empty” while staring at a blank Google doc for hours.

Based on my experience, here’s what you can do: Battle creative slump with art. On days when writing seems to be at war with me, I seek another artistic outlet in music and photography. Shifting my focus to something different—like seeing photographs and hearing melodies—allow me to rejuvenate my creative juices after they’ve been squeezed out by thinking about words, words and purely words all day. 

Wanna try out these creativity-boosting hobbies? Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of them.

For photography: Take snaps daily

Oppo Reno 4 from Oppo

Taking photos helps you express your thoughts and feelings. For some, it can even be an effective form of therapy. It also helps you see the larger picture in a situation, which is really helpful when you feel stuck for ideas.  By taking photos daily, you get to consistently exercise your creative juices and even literally track your creative development. You don’t have to overthink it: you can simply go to your garden with a smartphone that has excellent camera capabilities like the Oppo Find X2 or Reno 4 and snap pictures of your favorite plants. You might even find something interesting, like a ladybug perched on the leaves, which you can use as a subject for your photographs. 

You can also try printing your works and putting them together in an album or glam book from Great Image for a “365 days” project, a  physical reminder and further encouragement for your day-to-day photography commitment.

For photography: Try different styles 

DJI Osmo Action camera from Photoline

Still feel a mental block even after taking photos daily? Try switching up your styles and gears. If you’ve always been shooting portraits with a film camera, challenging yourself to an action camera like the waterproof DJI Osmo Action from Photoline might help place your mind in a refreshed state. 

You can also try taking digital snapshots using the quad rear cameras of the Realme 7 Pro. Play around with filters, techniques and even types of subjects. The point is to explore something new to spark your imagination, so you don’t  get boxed in just one style.

For photography: Put your best works on display

Picture frames from Great Image

Nothing feels more encouraging than seeing your masterpieces printed and placed proudly on your wall or bedside table. Frame your favorite snapshots in canvas portraits or glam blocks from Great Image and let them adorn your office or work space so you’d have something to look at for inspiration every time you feel an incoming creative rut. 

Instax Mini LiPlay from Photoline

For a more artistic touch, you can also try printing your photos using the Instax Mini LiPlay from Photoline and making an Instagram wall. It only takes around 12 seconds to send and print images from your phone to this device, so you can use most of your time arranging your snapshots in the most decorative way on your wall instead.

If you want something more practical rather than decorative, you can also personalize a wall calendar from Picture City and have it feature your masterpiece.

For music: Blast your fave songs on the background

Piano from Lazer Music

Various studies have shown that people come up with more unique ideas when listening to music, compared to when they work in silence. Researchers link this to music’s ability to stimulate your brain’s release of dopamine. Music can also help boost cognition, learning, and memory, so you’re more than encouraged to play your favorite songs whenever you feel a mental block and dip in both productivity and creativity.

For music: Find an instrument you resonate with

Electric guitar from Lyric Piano

Want to step up your music game further? Make your own music instead. Picking up musical instruments encourages coordination between your mind and body, which can help you reconnect with your senses. Try channeling your inner rockstar with an electric guitar from Lyric Piano or banging your frustration away with a drum kit from Lazer Music. Who knows, this might even lead you to Soundcloud or Youtube fame.

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