Perfect Planners For Every Kind Of Personality

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As a new decade awaits us, it’s the perfect time to start fresh with a clear goal and vision. To keep track of your progress, make sure to have a trusty planner by your side. If you still haven’t find the right planner for you, we listed down the perfect planner for every personality out there.


For the focused go-getter

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Turn your goals into reality with a clean and simple planner such as Design Your Life 2020 Planner to help you manage your schedule and priorities. This planner comes with a habit tracker, expense tracker, sleep tracker, contact pages, and other features that will keep your year extremely organized and prepared.


For the budding astrologer

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This year, one thing’s for sure—we were all hooked to astrology in one way or another. Sunnies Studios definitely took inspiration from this and created a planner that will align the cosmos for you. Sunnies Agenda 2020 comes with personalized horoscopes and astrology 101 for starters.



For the wanderer

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Best fit for those who are always looking forward to their next adventure, this Where To Next Planner 2020: Coming Home is tailored specially for them. From travel bucket list, vacation leave list, packing list, and even travel tips, this planner contains every information a traveler should know. In addition, the planner’s leather cover and rustic aesthetic also add a nice travel journal-like touch to it!


Header Image Credit: @cnsdesigns | ig


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