Pandemic changed the way we buy cars—here’s how

No need to be afraid of pushy car dealers anymore, everything's online now

Introverts and people who don’t like sales staff hovering over them, your time has come. Because of the pandemic and its subsequent social distancing rules, shopping has transitioned to mostly online transactions. You already know that you can get your clothes, home office equipment and meals online but here’s something you might have failed to consider—buying a car has moved online too. 

If you’re feeling skeptical about how you and car dealerships can carry out the very physical act of buying a car, let us take you for a drive. 

Check out an online showroom 

Yep, going to an actual showroom comes with a free glass or two of bubbly but you’ve already had too much of e-numan so why not car shop from the comfort of your own home? Shopping for a car is a stressful endeavor as it is, and doesn’t need to become even more so with multiple options and salespeople breathing down your neck.

Your visit to the online showroom can also coincide with your internet deep dive about the car you’re going to get. Turn on the split-screen and place the showroom on one side and the reviews on the other. This way, you’re more informed about straight facts rather than sales talk. 

You can read up on Suzuki’s S-Presso and other cars through their online showroom

Another great aspect of an online showroom is that you can remotely book a test drive to eliminate all the showroom staff you might come into contact with. Suzuki’s test drive booking page allows you to choose the most convenient location for your test drive, so no more driving to a far-off dealership branch just to test drive a car for five minutes. 

Read, sign and send documents without fuss

You’ve probably watched a lot of cop or lawyer shows where people don’t read the fine print of whatever contract they’re signing, therefore sealing their downfall. Luckily, it’s not that dramatic at a car dealership but that still doesn’t mean you should sign documents blindly. 

Offline transactions allow you the space to read over paperwork at your own time so you don’t feel pressured to sign away a document just because a branch is closing. 2GO’s Document on the Go service can help you and your car dealer safely exchange the required paperwork for this investment. Once you’ve taken the time to review the papers sent to you and once you’ve cleared out any possible problems, W Express’ House Pick-up service can deliver the papers to the proper office and you’re finally on your way to owning a car. 

Cashless transactions seal the deal

Remote online transactions are incredibly convenient and safe. Like booking a test drive remotely or reviewing your documents on your own, you basically don’t need to interact with anyone to accomplish this. Goodbye to health risks and forced social interactions. BPI’s online banking system can handle a variety of transactions that you can work out with your car dealer. Now all you have to do is wait for your car to arrive (and for the green light to actually go on road trips).

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