Here Are All The Chill Hobbies To Start At Home Today

The pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors. As a result, many have found themselves scouring the web for chill hobbies to start at home. It’s the perfect time to try out something new. 

Taking some time to disconnect from the daily schedule is essential. Given the hectic work from home and online class setting, it can be hard to have time for leisure and time to improve one’s self. All too often, burnout happens.

Fortunately, these nine hobbies to start at home will free you from the quarantine boredom and fatigue, let you learn new skills, and improve your overall well-being significantly. It’s a win-win because these chill hobbies can be started at the comfort of your own home. 

Cook New Recipes

It’s true that you can always order your comfort food online via SM Viber Take Out & Delivery but, there’s a great sense of accomplishment in eating a complete, hearty homemade meal knowing that you cooked it yourself.

If you’re entirely new to cooking, you can start with easy recipes like one-pot meals. But if you want to take it up a notch, try those recipes you’ve been seeing all over social media. Baking all kinds of desserts is also highly recommended! Just don’t forget to grab the essential baking ingredients and tools.

At All About Baking, you can grab all your baking needs—may it be baking pans, baking molds, liners, piping bags, cake accessories, mixers, flours, chocolates, and many more.

Learn Painting

Painting at home

Grab a set of watercolors or acrylic paint from your nearest National Bookstore because painting can be very therapeutic. It allows you to express your feelings profoundly. You can paint anything you want to so pour out your emotions on the canvas. Looking at the finished result can be even more fulfilling. 

You can also turn painting into a social hobby by hosting a paint-and-sip night with your friends! Nowadays, socializing from the comfort of your home is just a video call away. 

Read Books

If you’re not already into reading books, now would be the best time to get into the hobby. And we’re not talking about reading short stories online! There’s nothing like reading the printed word. Flipping a new page, getting lost in the story, and improving your imagination can be very de-stressing. So, head to Booksale and savor the joy of choosing through the myriad of book assortment. Grab a bunch of low-priced books and escape your daily reality! 

Learn A New Language 

Learn A New Language
Image Credit: National Bookstore | Website

As long as you have the dedication and some online guidance, you can learn a new language as a hobby. Follow along with language classes on YouTube, or download language apps. You can even learn a new language with a friend or loved one by testing each other with flashcards. We’re sure National Bookstore has everything you need for your learning journey. 

From French, Spanish, to Chinese — you can learn them all! If you’ve been binging a lot of K-dramas or if you’re a fan of K-pop, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to learn Korean as well? 

Work On Your Physique

Magenta Hydroflask
Image Credit: Hydroflask | Website

By now, all your binge-eating sessions might have already resulted in you putting on some weight. Try working out and get that physique you’ve always wanted! While we’re all about embracing body self-love this 2021, there’s nothing wrong with working out. It offers numerous health benefits and is an excellent hobby to de-stress!   

Grab some fitness equipment from your nearest Chris Sports or Sportshouse to achieve maximum effectiveness. They’ve got home gym equipment, dumbbells, weights, bands, exercise balls, hulahoops, yoga mats, and all kinds of sports accessories. While working on your dream body, don’t forget to stay hydrated with a Hydroflask from the Travel Club!  

Practice Yoga 

Core Yoga Mat
Image Credit: Tobys | Website

Unroll a Core yoga mat from Toby’s Sports because yoga is a hobby you can start at home today. Yoga combines mindful breathing work, slow movements, and meditation to strengthen your body’s strength, balance, and flexibility. To add to that, it takes you on a journey of self-discovery—fostering harmony in the body, mind, and environment. If you’ve been experiencing chronic body pains, you’ll be thankful for the pain-relieving benefits of yoga as well. 

Take Up Photography

Take Up Photography

Dust off that camera you swore you were going to use on your trip and take up photography! You can even use your mobile phone to bring out the fullest potential for your photos. There are endless tutorials about photography basics regarding aperture, exposure, shutter speed, and ISO. Trust us, you’ll be posting stunning photos on your Instagram feed in no time. 

If you want your most memorable photos printed, head to Photoline or Picture City. Hang up the portraits into a collage to remind you of the most important moments in life. You’ll find that this hobby allows you to print out photos that inspire you throughout tough moments. 

Learn A New Dance 

JBL speakers
Image Credit: JBL | Website

Trying to convince yourself to get up off the couch? Learn a new dance as a hobby! You don’t have to go all out immediately and master all the types of dances such as ballet, ballroom, jazz, and tap dance. In fact, learning the viral Tiktok dances is a great way to start. 

Turn on your JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and take it anywhere around your house to learn all the dance steps. You’ll be ready to hit the dance floor once everything is back to normal! 

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the chill hobbies you can start at home. What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest SM Supermalls to grab all your supplies or click here to download the SM Malls Online app and start shopping from the comfort of your home today! 

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