How To Get Ahead In Your Career

Aim for the job you want, not the job you think you deserve. Plenty of us suffer from impostor syndrome: too shy to ask for a raise, too afraid to demand a promotion and too reticent to apply for the job we want. This is a call for women to reach for more.

Are you suffering from impostor syndrome? Around 70 percent of people experience it at some point in their career, so chances are, you’ve felt anywhere from being mildly inadequate to a total failure at one time in your life. Achievers, perfectionists and workaholics are some of the types of workers who tend to feel like frauds, because they set unrealistically high standards for themselves.

Women are especially prone to feeling like they’re not good enough. From the time we are born, we’ve been socialized to think and act like we’re the lesser sex. Society expects women to be humble, grateful and undemanding. It’s not surprising that a lot of women in the workplace hope they will get noticed for their achievements and one day be given a raise or promotion. Without actively requesting for one, however, they could be bypassed completely.

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Women, as compared to men, used to be more hesitant to seek out a higher position because they feel they’re not 100 percent qualified for it. Although still a bit behind when it comes to career growth, salary raise and some other factors, women are now much more empowered to seek for more as compared to before.

It may seem risky and downright intimidating to gun for the job you want but don’t think you deserve. But trying anyway, even if you don’t get the position, will be more rewarding than not doing anything at all. At the very least, having an honest career conversation with your employer will make them aware of your goals and can even help you reach them. You may need additional training or mentoring, but now you can be proactive about the process.

Of course, different company cultures require different approaches. If you work at a company with a strict hierarchical structure, it’s ideal to pay your dues first. Demanding a promotion without having proven yourself will only reinforce older employers’ stereotypes of millennials/ Gen Zers as entitled or arrogant. Right, boomers?

On the other hand, the creative industries allow for more flexibility in job descriptions. Nowadays, you can define the position you want based on your skills and interests and knowing what you can deliver. It’s still as important, in this case, to not sell yourself short. Take ownership of your worth and sketch out the responsibilities that will help you grow, not just those that you’re already comfortable with. Create the job you’ve always dreamed about and take it!

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