Fun Date Ideas For Non-Cheesy Couples

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Romantic dinners can get boring and there are many reasons why. Whether you’re running out of restaurant options or just not good at making cheesy lines in a candle-lit setting, you and your partner have every right to ditch the cliché date idea. Maybe it’s time to express your love language in a different setting. Read up on these unconventional date activities:

Try archery at Arrowland by Gandiva.

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For couples looking for a sporty activity, book an archery session at Arrowland by Gandiva. It’s okay if you and your date are both beginners. The staff are friendly enough to teach you the basics of archery. While hitting the target may take lots of practice, you’ll definitely enjoy trying something as new as this with your S.O.

Solve a puzzle at Lost Escape Room.

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If you and your date are both obsessed with detective fiction genre, then you’ll probably like the challenge of surviving the Lost Escape Room. Your minds will be put to the test as you solve puzzles under time pressure. The rooms don’t hold the usual lock and key concept. There’s advanced technology involved plus unique storytelling for each room. You can choose from something average like “Stolen” and “Atlantis” to difficult cases like “Key of Solomon” and “The Walled City of Kowloon”. The rooms can accommodate two or more people, so you’ll have the option to go on a group date with other couple friends.

Survive a zombie apocalypse at VAR Live.

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Ever wondered if you and your partner can survive a zombie apocalypse? Head to VAR Live and find out for yourselves. This virtual reality park lets you go on thrilling adventures just by wearing high-tech goggles and using laser guns to survive a simulation game. You can compete against each other or be on the same team as it should be. After all, the couple that fights zombies together, stays together (and possibly, forever).

Visit Arrowland by Gandiva, Lost Escape Room, and VAR Live at SM Supermalls.



Header Image Credit: @ varliveph | ig


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